The Glass House Final Three

Another live elimination decides the three vying for America's vote

The Glass House Final Three

On Tuesday, The Glass House said goodbye to Mike and today Jeffrey was also eliminated from the show during the live internet feed.

That means the Final Three are Andrea, Erica and Kevin

Andrea was the first contestant to make it the final three after she won a live competition Tuesday night. The fate of the other three were then placed in America’s hands, and of course you now know the outcome of that. Erica was the first announced as safe after the fan vote. Then Jeffrey and Kevin headed to the limbo tubes and of course Jeffrey was the person zapped out of the house. Kevin joins the others and now they wait for America’s next vote.

So Andrea, Erica or Kevin will be walking away with the $250,000 grand prize during The Glass House finale. Who do you hope wins the money?

Glass House Jeffrey eliminated


  • Alohapinkie

    When is the next Glass House on TV??

    • cfree

      Should be Monday that’s what I have it set for.

  • Mitch8901

    I think Kevin will win it all! He’s the hottie of the bunch and America knows it!

  • Jesse


  • Brent nowostawski

    lets hope erica. at least shes fun and has a personality. if not erica , who cares ?

  • Mhorsburgh83


  • Matteo Rodrigo

    I read a blog that said kevin won and that was shown on feeds. I dont know if thats speculation – as we all predict he will win…or if they actually showed that. With sporadic feeds, guests leaving for hotel rooms on weekends, and only one TV episode per week, that wwere some of GH problems. Also the HGs pretty much knew who would be eliminated as they knew where the viewer votes were, and theyve never released #s (I think in a Reality Blurred article, they said they get about 30,000 votes- not quite Idol voting numbers). GH has potential but they do need some format changes, more episodes and figure out a way where the HGs wont know who gets eliminated. I havent kept track but blogs say the losing captain lost limbo every week. Its also a show since viewers vote that is prone to have the handsome guy win – aka Kevin….The one thing BB could learn from GH is challenges- Grodner and co are so lame when it comes to BB challenges – they do the same challenges year in and year out for years – and this year is no different – plus how many years in a row are they recycling contestants. This year has really been the worst. Not to mention the producer manipulation to keep their faves inthe game longer

    • Brent nowostawski

      the producer manipulation was worse and so obvious last year on bb. i did not watch the last few weeks last year. this year is on its way to being just as bad , but nothing can top bringing brendon back and having rachel win. on gh i hate how erica turned to the other side because of her infatuation w/ kevin. i still hope she wins over the other 2 zombies. kevins team was very arrogant and annoying from the get go. then suddenly america started voting differently…..yeah , right ! i dont think they even keep track of americas vote. i think the show goes as they have scripted it.. thats why annoying mike came back. weeks earlier , kevins team always had the votes to go into limbo , then suddenly america (as a whole) started voting opposite of what they have been voting…….surrrre !