The Glass House Cast Revealed

Meet the 14 contestants for the Big Brother-like show

The Glass House Cast Revealed

ABC has revealed the cast of the upcoming Big Brother-like reality show The Glass House and I’m not sure, but I think the casting directors just took the first 14 people who showed up at an open casting call at an Indiana Wal-Mart. Seriously.

I don’t want to sound like a complete shallow jerk, but there’s not one good piece of eye candy in the entire cast. What are they thinking? It’s a brand new show and the fact that it’s a Big Brother knock-off isn’t enough to reel people in. They need hot people. Save the ugly cast for season three. Geez.

OK, maybe I’m being too harsh. Maybe they have great personalities. Eh. No. I watched the cast videos and yeah, not so much on the personalties either. I think it’s safe to say the show didn’t get one of Big Brother’s old casting directors. The cast videos were jacked up earlier today, but maybe they’re working now.

The Glass House Cast

Alex, bail bondsman, 25, Dallas

Andrea, bookkeeper, 31, Valencia, CA

Apollo, poet/author, 28, Phoenix

Ashley, paralegal, 30, New Orleans

Erica, cocktail waitress, 27, Denver

Gene, stuntman, 28, Chicago

Jacob, cook, 28, Coos Bay, OR

Jeffrey, receptionist, 35, Brooklyn

Joy, nurse, 27, Fredericksburg, VA

Kevin, police sergeant, 33, Toledo, OH

Melissa, freelance journalist, 31, Chicago

Mike, bar mitzvah DJ, 48, Pembroke, MA

Robin, blogger, 43, Washington, DC

Stephanie, scientist, 32, Boston

The Glass House premieres June 18. Fans can get on the action at starting June 9.

What are your first impressions of The Glass House cast?


  • Melissa Zeigler

    Wow! Where is the eye candy? I am not sure about this……I hope they play a great game!!!

    • Branden B

      It almost looks like parody to me. I’m kind of amazed.

  • Kungfuwomn

    I dont want to be harsh either but i agree with every word that was said you want to get people hooked like Bachlor bad another BB ripoff but that actually has nice looking people this cast is not only unattractive but i watched most of the videos and they seem really boring,i will watch the first episode but that will probably be it unless it is really great??

  • Michelle Williams Falk

    I am going to give it a shot and watch. I personally like the idea of normal people.

    • Branden B

      Yeah, you do have a good point, Michelle.

  • BigBrotherGame

    just.. bla bla bla ;-)

  • Chelsia Hart

    Every year BB fans say they want a “normal” cast, not Hollywood actors. Well, here you go. I personally think the producers are doing a great job of listening to what the fans hate about BB, and using that to create a new show. It will be interesting to see if it actually takes off.

    • Corndogger

      The problem is that these people do come across as actors–bad ones! Maybe it was just the way they did the videos but I didn’t find too much that was appealing about these people. Also, do you think BB fans want to control everything the HGs do? I don’t. We sort of had that in BB1 and it sort of sucked. If people want to vote on who stays, who wins, etc. let them watch and fuck up American Idol. It’s bad enough with the producers manipulating the game; we don’t need a ton of uninformed viewers screwing up the game even more.

    • Richard H. Shores

      I agree with you Chelsia. You have to give the show a chance to see if it works or it does not. I went into BB 13 being cynical, thinking it was going to be a snooze fest as BB 12 was. And I was wrong. I am gong to watch a few episodes, watch the feed, and then decide.

    • DaBa

      Amen, I love the fact that the cast actually looks normal. That being said, they could have thrown one or two hotties in the mix; but ill take normals over fake models any day.

  • DianaWatt

    Kevin is a police officer here in my town. He seems like a good guy. Now this is just my guess, but I think Apollo has some sort of disability and my guess is he has a prosthetic leg. Go back and watch his video again there are lots of hints and he kind of motions to the bottom half of his body when he says something about overcoming anything and being comfortable in his own skin. I will be absolutely shocked if he is not disabled in some way. I’m calling it now, he has at least one prosthetic leg.

    • Jennifer Sakowski

      I noticed that too. I 2nd your “call”

  • Kathie Conde Hoglund

    I’m looking forward to it, the more the merrier. Why does it have to be either or? If it’s good I’ll continue to watch, if not, I’ll change the channel.

  • Brandonalff

    i agree with chelsia .

  • Max Tarlton

    I wish I were in this cast!

  • Jennifer Sakowski

    Anyone else watch the videos? WTF is with the shoddy camera work? I’m getting dizzy and im only on Mike.

    • Corndogger

      The shaky camera work was very strange. It was like they did it on purpose but the question is why? If it was done to make the show more intriquing they failed as far as I’m concerned.

      • Richard H. Shores

        The “shaky cam” is the latest technique used in commercials, etc. It annoys the crap out of me.

  • Angela Kirk

    It sure is nice to see a reality show with “real” people, who would of thought. Nothing against BB, but they seem to cast the “pretty” people. I kinda like normal!!

  • Truthteller

    Oh look, jeff & jordan are back! This time they are calling themselves Kevin a 33 year old police sergeant from Toledo and Erica a 27 year old cocktail waitress from Denver. BWAHAHAHHHAHAHA!

    • Big Brother

      Please Mr. and Ms. producers of reality television, NO MORE Jeff and Jordan’s! The original Jeff and Jordan was bad enough. No one want’s to see or hear or smell or taste or feel anything else about Jeff and or Jordan ever again and that includes all the Jeff and Jordan want to be’s. Sincerely, the American reality television viewing audience.

  • Janet

    That 27 year old nurse named Joy from Fredericksburg, VA, looks a lot like Reality Nation’s “Spicy”.

  • Jm

    You guy are still BIASED. This is a cheap knock-off copy! Just like The Voice tries to copy American Idol, AI still beats them in the rating no matter how the show is stale or not! BIg Brother will still come out on top period! BIG BROTHER and CBS 4-LIFE!

  • TweetsRide

    I hope their hash is ready for some “CBS” jelly!!

  • TweetsRide

    I do not understand the order in the comments section. They are not in order by the time of post… hmmm

    • Janet

      you can control that yourself, with the drop down menu located underneath the “Add new comment” box.

  • room13gal

    They are still too young. There are very attractive older people there and the demographics of BB include an older audience. Don’t believe me? Just go to the live chats and ask ages. No one ever lies about being older than they really are. I’m going to wait and see before completely judging. It also looks like the worst photos of these people were posted so maybe they’ll look better on tv.

  • Smiley:)

    Im not going to say who, but i am closely related to a member of this cast. I can promise all of you, this is not rehersed. They are just real people like you and I. So stop complaining and be happy that its not the norm.

  • Swaymoves

    I would prefer to see previous contestants from other reality shows who didnt win on this show! At least we would have a background on their personalities. These guys seem really boring. I cant see any excitement in these guys

  • Matt

    I don’t have time to watch shows like this. I’ll pass.

  • Tyler Moore

    The nurse, “Joy” looks somewhat hot, anyone got a link to her Playboy pictures?

  • Bart

    I am OK with normal looking people in a game show. This is a ripoff of BB that is for sure. The courts should have known that. The Italian BB show called Grande Fratello allowed the viewers to vote the contestants off the show. I like that aspect but something about this does not feel right. Don’t think I can get into this show.

  • Nunovurbusines

    robin 43 my ass she looks older than 48 yr old guy more like 63 and they don.t like liars she is the biggest there shame on her

  • Suzisfl

    WHO IS this Holly? She isnt listed as a cast member?!! But there IS an ANDREA listed, and there IS no andrea in the house. I’m curious as to just WHAT Holly’s true profession is, since so far she has lied & said she was an art history major, and NOW she says she studied psychology, but yet she cannot name a SINGLE psycholigist???!!
    Does anyone know??!!!