Week 2 Recap: Alex’s Fate Decided

Two more head to limbo after this week's player vote

Week 2 Recap: Alex’s Fate Decided

Last week on The Glass House we learned that Jacob was too embarrassed to be a part of such a show and bailed, leaving the pompous douche Alex hanging in the balance. It was all up to America to decide whether or not the world’s most awesomest epic uber villain would continue to wreak havoc on the Glass House.

America spoke, and for possibly the first time in history, you actually made a wise decision. You decided that a villain can’t be forced down your throats, which was Alex’s plan, and sent the epic tool, his fake smile and boat shoes back where they came from. Good job, America. There’s hope for you yet.

For a split second, I thought maybe the show would get way boring without Alex, but Holly stepped up to the plate to fill the void. Her goal, however, isn’t to be the most epic villain ever, it’s to be the world’s absolute worst liar.

First of all, she badly lies to everyone about voting for Erica last week. Then she tries to explain to the cameras why she did it and she just spews nonsense. Then she confesses to everyone that she voted for Erica, and immediately put herself on everyone’s radar.

They players then get together and decide that Holly might just be full of crap and start asking her questions about her Art History college major. She can’t even tell her fellow contestants what the color green is so she confesses that she really majored in psychology, which is also what she told us, the viewing audience. So they ask he some basic psychology questions and she can’t answer any of those either.

Dr. Phil, who isn’t even a doctor, is the only “psychologist” she can name. Wow. What is her actual occupation and why was she lying to us about being a psych major?  It’s not like you can even do anything with a psych degree so why would that make her a threat? Wackjob. So she’s not smart and a liar. Sounds like the worst reality show player ever.

So more arguing ensues. There’s Erica vs. Holly and Apollo vs. Gene. Am I the only one who thinks it’s just too early for arguing? I feel like they’re forcing the drama. Not the producers, but the players. They all act like they’re playing some sort of part. It’s just all happening too fast.

And they’re all half-smiling when they fight and their arguments are all exaggerated and extra special because they know the cameras are on them. There’s just something about it all that’s not working.

It’s time to find out who America hates the most. This might be my favorite part of the game. Viewers have been voting on their favorite players and the two with the lowest amount of votes will be the team captains this week, which puts them at risk of heading to limbo. America decided they like Ashley and Apollo the least. I think they don’t care much for Apollo because of his stupid card trick strategy. I’m not sure why they’re not into Ashley. She has one of the better bikini bodies, so that’s kind of surprising.

Apollo and Ashley now have to pick teams and this is how that plays out:

Team Apollo: Holly, Gene, Mike, Erica and Robin. Team Ashley: Kevin, Stephanie, Joy, Andrea, Jeffrey.

It’s challenge time! They head out to the  um … backyard … and there are giant birds. They apparently have to ride on giant birds throwing large eggs into bird houses that have things like “blow up 500 balloons” and “$1000″ painted on them. So they get the penalties and/or rewards and the team who gets an egg into each one the fastest wins.

Team Ashely kind of zips right through. Team Apollo struggles. Gene is sucking so badly that it seems as if he’s throwing the competition. In the end Ashley’s team wins with a 3:48 time. Team Apollo loses after finishing in 5: 54. So Apollo will head to limbo. Who will be joining him?

Apollo and Gene argue some more. This time it’s over whether or not Gene threw the contest. He swears he did not. But it’s kind of hard to believe. It’s also kind of hard to care, but that’s beside the point.

Now it’s time for “Fanswers.” That’s the portion of the show here the contestants get the answers to the secret questions they asked fans. The only one worth recalling is Apollo’s. He basically asked America if he stops sucking so much if they’d vote him back in the house from limbo. They say yes. So there you go, Apollo. Drop that stupid card trick strategy and start really playing the game.

Oooh, it’s time to play Wii again – I mean time to vote. They contestants start throwing their stones and they all go toward shattering Holly. So Holly the liar joins Apollo the bore in limbo. Who will America want to see more of? We’ll find out next week.

What are your thoughts of The Glass House following week 2? Are you happy Alex was not voted back in the game? Who would you rather go home next week, Apollo or Holly?

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  • Lovemyboxerz

    Thank God Alex is gone!!!! And I would keep Apollo and send Holly home.

  • http://twitter.com/JunDishes Jun Song


    “Jacob was too embarrassed to be a part of such a show and bailed”

    “She can’t even tell her fellow contestants what the color green is”

    Love it. :)

    • http://twitter.com/mistermac56 Richard H. Shores

      Jacob probably realized that aligning himself to the douche bag Alex Stein Prime Time 99 was a really, really, bad strategy.and totally embarrassed himself. He may have also realized that even if he made it back in to the show, his bridges were already burned. And speaking of burning, this show is going down in flames fast.

    • http://twitter.com/branden628 Branden B

      I hope Holly stays. She’ll make my job so much more fun.

  • http://twitter.com/mistermac56 Richard H. Shores

    Good article Branden. A 1.2/3 rating is not going to cut it. I went out of my way to give the show a chance. That chance is over. I will still record it on the DVR and may watch it later when I am bored or I may decide to delete it. I have other stuff to watch that is more interesting than this drivel.

    The only thing good about last night’s show was watching Alex Stein Prime TIme 99′s smirk wiped off his face when he went down the tube.

    CBS may have lost the battle, but they definitely won the war.

    • http://twitter.com/branden628 Branden B

      Thanks Richard.

      • http://twitter.com/mistermac56 Richard H. Shores

        No worries! I gave you a hard time about being balanced. You are doing a great job. :)

  • http://twitter.com/TheDudeInSF Dean

    He had the right idea, it’s just to bad he was a dick about it. Not going to miss that character.