Is Snooki Having a Baby Girl?

Jersey Shore star is due in September

Is Snooki Having a Baby Girl?

Jersey Shore star Snooki is keeping her baby's gender a secret, but could she have accidentally let the cat out of the bag?

Radar Online reports that Snooki was recently spotted shopping for pink baby toys with JWoww. And while Snooki is far from traditional, I think she's probably still on board with the whole pink equals girl thing. Of course that doesn't really answer the gender question, but it's enough to create some speculation.

Regardless of what she's having, Snooki says her parenting skills will likely surprise some people.

“I can't wait to meet my kid!” Snooki tells V Magazi

ne. “Everyone will be surprised to see a different side of me. I'm loving, caring, sensitive, protective and very maternal, no matter what people might think.”

She's also expecting some parenting criticism and she's prepared for that.

“I am probably the No. 1 most-bullied celebrity,” she said. “I really don't go with trends, I don't try to fit in like everyone else does in Hollywood. I just like to be different and I don't care.”

Snooki and fiance Jionni LaValleare are expecting the child sometime in September.

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  • Angelacoutts236

    Yes I think that Snooki will be a good mom. I hope she is having a girl!!!!!!!! CONGRATS SNOOKI :)

  • 1995

    i hope she has a girl so her bubba can be a mini snooki :)
    congrats snooki bear

  • jackie

    yeah she is gonna be great mom and it doest mader boy or girl she will love it no matter what