Pregnant Snooki Pushes Stroller Full of Beer

Happy Birthday, America!

Pregnant Snooki Pushes Stroller Full of Beer

Apparently, being pregnant isn't going to stop Snooki from celebrating America's birthday.

In an obvious bid for attention, the Jersey Shore star strolled in front of photographers in Seaside Heights, N.J., pushing a baby stroller filled with Coors Light and Pepsi.

We are kind of at a loss for words. Can YOU caption this photo?

Leave your clever commentary below!



  • Amberwinborn

    Breast pump….keg…what’s the difference?

  • Genezink

    She’s one of those people that shouldn’t reproduce, just like the rest of the jersey shore idiots!

  • Travis Henagan

    haha who cares if she drinks, her baby will be just like her and re tarted anyways

  • lisakn

    Trashy is as trashy does?

  • BrenchelArmy.Com

    My FAV Snookums pic by far LOL

  • Big G

    She’s a guinea from the city, who cares!