Snooki Bling Bling App Released

Jersey Shore star created and designed new app

Snooki Bling Bling App Released

Can’t get enough of the Jersey Shore’s Snooki? First of all, sorry to hear that. But don’t worry! You can now have all the Snooki you want any time of the day on your iPhone or iPad.

Yes, Snooki has an app. And it’s apparently “created and designed” by the pint-size reality star. And it’s called “Snooki Bling Bling.” Of Course. And it’s actually not a horrible game.

“I love my new app,” Snooki said. “It’s legit! I’m addicted to this as much as shoe shopping.”

The full app sells for 99 cents, but there’s a free one also. The app is very Snooki. There’s slippers, sunglasses and all the Snooki bling you’d expect. The reviews for the app aren’t very glowing yet. Users are siting a lot of bugs in the app.

Snooki Bling Bling app


  • Scaredmom2005

    snooki ur my favirote on jersy shore and good fight with angalena u won the fight