Snooki Having a Boy!

Jersey Shore star says she wanted a girl, but is excited either way

Snooki Having a Boy!

Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is having a baby boy, she tells In Touch Magazine.

“Everyone said I was going to have a boy, and they were right!” Snooki told the magazine.

Snooki and fiance Jionni LaValle are expecting the bundle of joy in September. Arriving sooner, however, will be her nice paycheck for announcing her baby’s gender on the cover of In Touch. Looks like Us Weekly lost the bid this time.

Early rumors were that Snooki was having a girl because she was spotted looking at baby girl items in stores. Maybe that was just wishful thinking.

“I thought it was going to be a girl,” she said. “I was hoping it would be, because all girls want girls. It’s still my baby, no matter what. I’m excited either way!”

Snooki says there’s already a short list of names picked out for the little guy. It’ll be Jionni Jr or Lorenzo, she told the magazine.

I don’t  know about you, but I think we can all rest a little easier knowing Snooks is having a boy instead of a girl. For some reason it just seems better for everyone. What are your thoughts on the whole Snooki becoming a mom thing?



  • Melissa Zeigler

    I am happy for her but I wish she was having a mini Snooki!

  • TruthTeller

    What? Snooki is a real live human being and not a cartoon character?