Why Is ‘Snooki Nude’ Still A Hot Topic?

Search results turn up disturbing patterns

Why Is ‘Snooki Nude’ Still A Hot Topic?

It seems like just yesterday that our worst nightmares came true and Jersey Shore star Snooki’s nude photos surfaced on the Internet. Maybe it seems like yesterday because our original post about Snooki’s nude photos being leaked has remained among our top-read articles for months.

And people are STILL searching for it. And they’re not just searching for “snooki nude” any longer. Oh no, the search keyphrases  have gotten weirder. One of the wonders of writing for a blog is you have access to things like words people are searching that land them on your posts. So today, I was checking that out and I noticed this keyphrase being searched by multiple people: “snooki lorenzo nude.”

I was like “Waaaaaaait a minute! Lorenzo is Snooki’s baby’s name!” Why would anyone be searching for that? I must  say, I’m both disturbed and intrigued. I do realize that the way people use search engines is a bit weird. I tend to search for things in complete sentences. Others apparently want to see Snooki naked with her baby. Sorry, just can’t get past that.

What do you guys make of it? And are there still people out there who haven’t already seen Snooki nude? There’s actually a better question to ask right now, but I don’t want to meet my a-hole quota all in one little blog post.


  • Erin

    Not sure why anyone would want to see her nude now, in the past, in the future or ever!?

  • Dave

    The fact is ‘Snooki’ is NOT and NEVER WILL BE a “hot topic”!
    The question you should be asking is…Why is RN wasting more time and space on anything “snookie” related?