Snooki’s Nude Photos Leak

Jersey Shore star latest to have cell phone pics revealed

Snooki’s Nude Photos Leak

What took you so long, Snooki?

Apparently pregnant Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has joined the leagues of stars who can’t seem to keep their personal nude photos from going global.

The big shocker here is that Snooki hasn’t already had nude photos leaked. Are we absolutely sure of that? Really? Well, OK. It’s not clear who leaked the photos of the Jersey Shore star, but a rep for Snooks says this was not something she orchestrated herself.

“Clearly these are old and personal photos that were not meant for the 
public,” the rep told E! News. “It’s a shame someone decided to leak them for obvious personal gain.”

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Do you really plan to look at Snooki’s nude photos online? Are you tired of Snooki in general?

Editors Note: The nude photos of Snooki have been deleted. 


  • mmichael75248
  • Chelsia Hart

    Why do celebs put their faces is these things?!

  • AshcrAFT62

    once a skan, always a skank. I will have nightmares now! Thankssnooki!

    • Jessica

      Umm first of all retard she sent them to have more passion in her love life and some bitch leaked them so its not her fault

      • T89iurewhng

        Her fault for taking them.

  • smashingtech
  • BigDick

    You are hot Chelsia

  • Raymond101146

    What a HO !!

    • Frrrrrrr


  • smashingtech
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  • Karen woods

    Just leave the girl alone. let her live her life. And who ever post the photos shame on you. Who does that. Just saying

    • HunterSthompson

      she put them out you fools…they need “fame”. Just sayin

      • LeesaBeth

        agree!….and why is this news to anyone? all you have to do is watch some episodes of Jersey shore and she’s constantly sticking her Cuca in everyone’s faces! Gimme a break!…She may have changed for a “Second”…she’ll be partying it up in a couple years again being a mom is just new and “fun” for her now…like a kid with a new toy!

    • TheTruthInTheMirror

      If she truly wanted to just “live her life”, she never would have signed a contract with a reality show, pure and simple. Anyone that will put their private lives on display voluntarily for all the world to judge does NOT deserve our respect for their privacy. They do it for the cash and the fame, and need to just take the good with the bad that comes from their life choices. I am so sick and tired of people saying we shouldn’t judge them. Are you kidding me? Why do we love reality shows, if not to judge others? And no matter if you comment on blogs and forums about it or not, EVERYONE that watches a reality show has their OWN OPINION about the reality “stars” and the life choices they make. People should just shut the hell up about letting reality stars “live their lives” without our judgement. Seriously.

      • Adonis

        fuck you stupid piece of shit your probably the type to judge someone the first time you meet them eat cock

  • Ardavanansari

    Cause they want to leak them to get attention , good publicity ….

  • Chelsiea

    No I do not plan of looking at the photos and I am speaking for all of the human race when I say that YES WE ARE TIRED OF SNOOKI!

    • carolann

      speak for yourself…I love me, some snookie!!!

    • JW

      I was told I wasd in that race, and capitulated noone to speak for me — she may be annoying at times but, the girl IS most certainly fineusually haters come from the group that’s frustrated they don’t have what it takes — your T.V. probably has a channel changer, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want Snooki or the chance to capitalize on their God given looks.

  • HeathenBastard

    Just being a wench who wants attention. sad thing is it works & people are again talkin about her……

  • HeathenBastard

    she is what she is, most girls go through strange phases……

  • Jflorez310

    Who ever defends this chick needs to get a real life , sorry fist pumpers but snooki business is not the business get life LOSERS

  • CiCi

    not being mean cause I think snooki is cool but she’s a hoe!! Who takes pictures of the parts ….. shes a dumb ass

  • Dr. Nick Riviera


  • Guest

    awsome trolls do

  • Michaela

    Who the heck gives a flying F…?

    • Isaiah Porky Sr Saldivar

      you do thats why you are here dumb fuck

      • Tim

        it takes a dumb fuck to answer

  • Sunnybunny

    I wish men had beautiful tits!

  • Stinyfish

    Jesus i wouldnt touch that with a 10 foot pole

  • James

    I wouldn’t touch that with a 10 ft pole, but I would with a 10 inch one.

  • Jrobinson31096

    Snooki tits Are juicy I wanna see that and her pussy

  • Acowboys

    one ugly scank



  • Acowboys

    she is the ugliest scankest thing i ever saw

    • Neighbor

      true dat man

    • Phantom90

      no flippin way she puts too many girls out there to shame

  • Gatorfouru

    i feel sorry for her baby

  • Mackielouis20

    Ugh, G.D. …I would die from disgust if I saw her naked. Never really saw anything good about her. soooo gross. And dyes her hair while pregnant. Yeah this will be a great mom. NOT
    I wonder how long it will take her, after the baby is born to start being an alcoholic again.

    • mrs.maDDHaDDer

      I dyed my hair while I was pregnant and my son is so damn healthy and perfect and I happen to be a great mom. How dare you say that just because people dye their hair they arnt going to be a good parent when there are children out there who are going through a hell of a lot worse than having a mother with colored hair. Judgemental idiots!

  • Amber

    Are u really pregant…

  • marissa

    you guys act like this never happens.
    A lot of girls have taken and sent nude pictures. It just happens.
    Stop giving her crap. If she was such a skank, bad mom.
    She stopped drinking, clubbing, for her baby.
    that sounds responsible to me

    • Lees

      i agree with you
      and haha my name is marissa too xD

  • ErikaJeavonne

    You know…there’s a simple solution to not having to see Snooki naked if you don’t want to…DON’T LOOK! DUH! If you’re sick of her, stop paying attention to her! That’s the ONLY way reality stars stay famous, is by paying attention to them!


    awsome girl

  • Pjpepsi

    I lika ta look at some Snooki Cookie, you betcha dat

  • Soosie

    Who wants to see these photos? Uggghhh!!!

  • T_ferguson

    can anyone tell me when and what channel is the housewives of atlanta on because I can’t seem to find it anywhere so if ne1 knows could you maybe email me and let me know. thanks.