Big Ang: Drag Queens and TuesGays!

Big Ang does Gay Pride, masterminds a plan to get her bar hopping on Tuesdays

Big Ang: Drag Queens and TuesGays!

Big Ang: Season One Episode 9 begins with Ang in a blonde wig, promoting ‘Wigged Out Wednesday’ at her bar The Drunken Monkey.

Ang’s BFF Linda shows up and is shocked to see the bar is empty. Ang is bummed that Wigged Out Wednesday hasn’t caught on so the women head outside to have a smoke and talk. Moments later, Little Jen, Ang’s other BFF, shows up in a wig. Underneath her denim mini skirt, Merkin style. (Google it, don’t ask me.)

“I didn’t go for my wax in a month. I want you to know, I’m a natural blonde,” Jen says with scraggly blonde hair hanging everywhere between her legs. The women do shots on the sidewalk and make a party of their own. Ang decides she needs to come up with something better to get the bar booming on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the slowest days of the week.

Ang is still in the process of moving into her new house and learns that finding an outfit isn’t easy amongst all the clutter and boxes. She’s been invited to the Gay Pride parade and she is fretting over what to wear. Little Jen goes into Angs walk-in closet and sees it is jam packed with designer shoes and clothing and is anything but organized. Jen chastises Ang for having waaaaay too many clothes and tells her needs to donate some of her belongings in order to make sense of the mess. Suddenly it’s like we’re watching Hoarders, and Ang is the one refusing to let go of her belongings.

New York City Gay Pride and Big Ang notes, “I love the gay communnity because we have a very close relationship. They all love and I love them. We all have obsessions with shoes and clothes…and we love to party!”

A match made in heaven.

Ang lives it up during the festivities, dancing, drinking and kissing everyone. “I love this atmosphere, they bring such positive energy!” And then it hits her. Gay night at The Drunken Money! “Duh!” She quickly gets to work networking with the gays and seems to have no problem getting people to agree to come and dance at the bar. “I want to name it, ‘TuesGays!’” she says. And just like that, her problem of slow Tuesdays is solved. “The gays go big and so do I!”

Suddenly, Linda, who is dancing wildly with some guy, gets dropped on her back with him on top of her. There’s always a drunken fall on Big Ang.

Besides her bar, Ang is also getting a spray tanning business up and running. Along with spray tans,customers will be able to get hair and eyelash extensions, makeup and general pampering. She stops by the salon to see it’s progress and things are coming together. The decor colors are hot pink, black and gray and chandeliers dangle from the ceilings mirrors adorn the walls.

Ang’s right hand man bartender stops by her house later and Ang gushes to him about the Gay Pride parade. She fills him in on TuesGays and he agrees, this is a great idea since no bars in Staten Island have a gay night. She then tells him he is about to get spray tanned. She needs the practice. After she’s done she makes sure to check out all his tan lines.

Ang heads to a consignment shop where she dumps off the few outfits she could part with and is disappointed to learn that she gets less than 50% of what they are going to sell them for. But her anxiety fades once she starts nosing around the clothes and finds some things in the shop she wants to take home.  So really, it’s a wash.Back to her cluttered closet with more clothes.

Two drag queens come over to Ang’s house to give her a drag makeover. They get to work on Ang and one of the queens tells her, “You are a natural drag queen!” Ang is not offended. In fact she tells us, “All my life people been asking if I’m a drag queen. No, I’m not. I’m a woman, stop breaking my ***ing balls.”

Ang has tons of makeup and glitter applied to her eyes as all three of them do shots of Patron. Later that night is the huge “TuesGays” party is a hit! The place is packed and Ang is done up like a vibrant queen with a gold sequined halter minidress and a huge bright pink wig. She describes her look as a cross between “George Washington and Diana Ross,” but actually she was going for the Lil Kim look.

Big Ang Drag Queen

The party rages and there are queens doing the splits, motorboating Ang’s massive bazoongas and doing body shots off Linda. Ang is more than happy with the turnout of flamboyant party goers and says, “TuesGays is better than I could ever expect. If I have to be dressed in drag every Tuesday like this, I will.”

Next week on Big Ang: Ang wants the engagement ring she never got from Neil, and she throws a big party for AJ where the original cast of Mob Wives shows up to lend their support.

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