Big Ang: Plastic Surgery Before & After

See what Big Ang looked like back in the day...

Big Ang: Plastic Surgery Before & After

Since Mob WivesBig Ang appeared on Season 2 of the hit VH1 reality show she has completely stolen the show.

We all find her fascinating in one way or the other, and there is no denying that part of Big Ang’s appeal (or lack thereof) is the numerous plastic surgeries she has had over the years. The result is a woman with freakishly large breasts and monster truck tire sized lips. Her nose has been chiseled to the extreme of LaToya Jackson’s, and tummy tucks and liposuction have thinned out her mid-section which gives her the shape of an upside down triangle. Huge top, little bottom.

But what did Big Ang look like BEFORE all the plastic surgery? Actually, she looked nothing like the Ang we know now, and in fact she looked pretty good.

Check out Big Ang before surgery, and compare for yourself:

Looking like an older version of Jamie Lynn-Sigler of The Sopranos, Big Ang was once a pretty lady. Her lips were full but not trout-like, and she had a great nose.

Another shot of Big Ang shows her with what are probably breast implants but they are still nowhere the size they are today.

Big Ang with golden blonde hair, and before she had all the surgery on her face. Not too shabby, eh?

All I can figure is if the plastic surgery has made her happier and more comfortable in her own skin, good for her. Sure, to the rest fo us, her looks are shocking but we aren’t the ones who have to wake up and look into the mirror with that face everyday. Whew.


  • Shallachamane

    She was pretty back in the day..Big Ang what happened!! Sometimes we have to leave well enough alone!

  • Shakaa

    plastic was not mend for every one. She looks like her mouth is about to fall off. Please if there is any way she can get her face back to what it was mostly her mouth, that will be great. Shaka

  • Snowdawg1369

    WTF someone should sue the surgeon

  • pam dq


    • Me

      Yeah Youngstown is in the building!!

    • Sweetonu59

      When i first saw Big Ang i thought she was a trans gender dude, but i have come to enjoy her she makes me laugh! Yes she has over done it with the lips & boobs but for her age if it makes her happy go for it, her hubby aint to shabby!

  • New York Princess

    Well, she was never a pretty chick, that’s for sure. The surgery just makes her look interesting, I guess. And freakish. If that’s what she was going for, she got it! :)

    • valerie

      Well said New York Princess!

  • Komforkitte


  • Johnthe50

    You need a dog collar, you look more like a pet than chick. I know your ex was a lot of things but I didn’t think blind was one of them. FUGLY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex Montalvo

    Total crack up. She makes me laugh, she makes me high as a kite with joy.

  • Moe

    She’s the worst I can’t believe she has her own show!! She is a horrible want to be tranny!!!!

  • Pati Dee

    i don’t think i ever saw such a really UGLY person until i saw her … God forgive me, if i lQQked anything like her i would have to JUMP off the GWbridge.

  • Encorediva

    Ugh? I know Angela is a wonderful personal. She loves her family and friends. But how long can this nonsense go on?


    I don’t give a damn what anybody says….I LOVE HER! I caught her show by chance, flipping through the channels. I immediately went to Entertainment On Demand and watched every episode back-to-back. Big Ang is awesome and sweet, someone with whom I’d like to be friends. You go, Big Ang and good luck with the Drunken Monkey, hope you make plenty of “cha-ching”!

  • Stinkyass

    She looks like Milton Berle in drag.

  • Renstull3

    Her manly voice and disgusting face bug me.

  • Artist1433

    Big Ang You are THE BEST Inside and OUT, Loved you from the first time I saw you on the Mob Wives You were the best out of the Bunch! I told all my friends to watch your show! You have such a Good Heart. Don’t pay attention to any of these negative fools they don’t even know how to write English . I had tears in my eyes when you had problems with your son , i am a mother of a son his age and my heart went out to you, the best advice i can give you is let him get a job and get involved in some sports!
    I miss Staten Island I moved down to Myrtle beach, hate it!
    Anyway Love your show , YOU’RE Great ! Good luck with your Spray tan Salon and have a sangria for me

  • Chrystal1938

    I just luv big Ang. She has a heart of gold and I like that she lives each day to it’s fullest. Beautiful person inside and out.

  • goodgothgirl

    bi g ang inspires me. she is positive, loving, and excited about life and all of its infinite possibilities. she is comfortable in her skin and embraces others as they are. we could all take a lesson from this fabulous woman. she makes me proud to be from new yawk.

  • Alicesmalley

    Big Ang I love you but I wish you loved you. Why would you think you needed huge lips and boobs…please know you are beautiful without all the surgery. Are you thinking men will find you more attractive that way? You are perfect just as you. Stop it with the surgery and go back to your natural beautiful self because you are beginning to look like a circus freak not a playboy bunny. Come on now really there was nothing that need to be changed and you were better looking before. You are still gorgeous but you don’t need to be a cartoon character to be noticed.

  • Smittyc2649

    Are all you nuts sick..she is the ugliest Woman i`ve ever laid my eyes on !!!!

  • Baybtuck

    I thought she was a dude. She was beautiful before she got plastic.

  • Donaalicia Dj

    Hi Big Ang ok screw the haters that r not you kick back enjoy life you deserve it babe you pay the cost to be the boss you own a bar and a tanning salon yes i keep up with ur show I am a wife and I also work and so does my hubby That’s right don’t settle for less why should anyone settle for less if u like big S$$T then get big S**t I am venuzel and asian i am what most call a high brid or biracial who cares what we are baby as long as we are here livin n breathin and why should Big Ang care what people think she makes the big bucks to not give a s$$t what do u think the show is about well its not about her caring what people say its about her living her life how haters and lots of people wish they could live Big ups Big Ang!!!

  • Bgizzyrose

    Is she really a women, or a trans sexual????

  • Maureen

    Nothing but BIG LOVE for BIG ANG, she’s down to earth and tells it like it is my kinda girl, but should have left well enough alone she was fine before plastic surgery now it’s over done, but ya gotta luv her.

  • anthony zambito

    she is the best a good person she gives to the poor childrean on staten island a wonderful human being GOD bless her

  • Gza331

    my daughter hasserved her met her horrible looked normal before
    .lesson. here u can overkill something freakie head to toe so sadd

  • **Ashley**

    Wow some of you are mean!i love love love big ang.she seems really nice and a fun person to be around..and to the people who say the surgery was bad I think she looks beautiful before and after.and if she decides to get more its none of our business ya big ang!!!

  • **Ashley**

    This is like a part two comment
    I love your show and mob wives.i just want to say I’m praying for your son..i hope everything works out!!
    Everyone needs to stop hating on big ang she is gorgeous don’t be jealous! She’s a nice person..let her be her!! Good luck with the drunken monkey and with your son.. :)

    (don’t even say I’m a Lesbo because I’m happy in my 2 year relationship with my bf)

    • valerie

      We don’t have to, You said it for us Babe!

    • valerie

      bf…..boyfriend or best friend or bi-sexual friend, or beautiful female, or black female…i”m confussed, which is it?

  • Sus220hou

    Love Big Ang…Love Mob Wives !!

  • Guilliosnom4566


  • sashtirose

    I want to know why all these reality shows (real houswives, etc) (all very dramatic or centering around people having money, being criminals or doing drugs is now the “american way”? Does say much for where this country is heading.

  • Jones E James

    Ang I like you for YOU!

  • Goober

    If she didn’t have those flat tire lips, she would be gorgeous. Who doesn’t like a good sized Italian girl with enormous boobs!! But the lips gotta go.

  • JuiceMcDermott

    no one’s noticed that platter full of cocaine?

  • valerie

    I didn’t think it was possible for her to get anymore revolting then she already was, but Plastic Surgery has proved me wrong….SHE IS UGLIER~GOOD JOB DOC!

  • Nanette Valencia

    She used to look good, too bad she would rather be ugly

  • Nab TL

    Big Ang messed herself up, she looks more manly. whoever the doctor was that did her plastic surgery, needs to be removed from the medical profession… she looked better before.

  • eshaj

    Her lips are HORRIBLE. She should have let them be!!!

  • Tami

    She needs to have her surgeon “Wacked” I can not even stand to watch that show now because I just want to cut those ugly things off of her face.
    There is another woman on there with dark hair… that looks like a tranny. What is with people that have money and they don’t try to look nice if they are going to be on TV.
    I got a kick out of the comment about her looking like Milton Burle in drag… lol funny but true.

  • tammy

    please someone tell me she can’t think that she looks good!!it’s almost as if she’s a man a transvestite

  • kkh

    that first “before” pic? she saw that in the mirror and said to herself “i must have surgery to fix this!” i mean, she was a good looking woman!! i think theres more than looks going on at this point. trying to fix something inside.