Lips to Rival Big Ang’s

You think Ang's lips are huge? Just look at these plastic surgery lips gone wrong!

Lips to Rival Big Ang’s

Okay, so we all know that Mob Wives Big Ang has some of the biggest, most luscious lips on the planet, and we also know that tons of people have an unhealthy obsession with over-inflating their kissers. (By the way, Ang says her lips are permanently that way now from continuous injections.) If you think Big Ang has a hell of a pucker, just wait until you get a load of these five people who have lips that can most definitely make Big Ang’s look like chicken lips.

Plastic Surgery Lips

5. Amanda Lepore – Amanda is a transgender model who was also photographer David LaChapelle’s muse for a time. Her most noticeable feature, besides her cone shaped torpedo titties, are her plump, wrinkle-free lips. They almost look like they hurt. Big Ang’s lips may be huge, but Amanda’s are suited for a comic book villain.

Plastic Surgery Bad Lips

4. Priscilla Caputo: Priscilla is a California model who managed to go from gorgeous to gaudy in only a few years. Google her, she was a true beauty until she over did her lip injections. While receiving the injections over a three year period, she couldn’t see what she was actually doing to her face. Once she “woke up” and saw her real reflection in the mirror, she was devastated. She says she literally cries every time she looks at a photo of herself now. Her lips are  that way for good. Remember when your parents told you if you crossed your eyes they might stay that way?

Plastic Surgery Collagen Bad

3. Jackie Stallone: Sylvester Stallone’s mom has gone overboard with the lip injections and she looks like she had her girly parts (or someone’s) surgically attached where her mouth used to be. Didn’t she claim to be a psychic or something? I’m surprised she didn’t see her monster frog mouth looking back at her when she looked into her future.

Bad Plastic Surgery Lips

2. Michaela Romanini: Another one you need to Google. Michaela is an Italian socialite who has ruined her looks with plastic surgery. Forget aging gracefully, Michaela obviously thinks more is better. Sadly, she’s turned into a real life Gollum.

Plastic Surgery Nightmare

1. Pete Burns: Taking the number one spot is the flamboyant former singer of the 80s band Dead or Alive. Pete quickly became addicted to plastic surgery years ago and had a botched lip surgery which left him with permanently disfigured lips. He later sued the surgeon and won. Rightly so.



  • Michynkrs

    I wont be able to sleep tonight that is FOR SURE!!! Thanks a lot Spicy! ha ha ha

  • Spicy

    You know it! ;)

  • Invertedevo

    That is effn gross! They need to use Preparation H for lip gloss!

    • jane

      your jealousy is gross, i bet your lips look like a papercut..thin lips look disgusting

      • valerie

        Jane if you like her lips so much, you too can have the same.
        1., Take one toliet plunger,
        (cut off the stick or you will choke to death!)
        Turn plunger so that the nippple side is towards your face.
        now securley attach with super glue.
        Add a little blood red lipstick…..
        VOILA! Your Ang!

      • kkh

        your arrogance is whats gross. what a loser….

  • Sobtwo

    Boy oh boy, need to go out and leave that love one at home? I have the answer, tell them to lick their lips and immediately stick their lips to the window, guaranteed to keep them there till you get home and put the some place else>>>

    • diana

      youre mad you have thin lizard lips, ugly hags like u die to have big lips

      • kkh

        youre a douchebag

  • AlexDW1978

    At some point, all that lip enhancement makes you look like Janice the Muppet aka Donatella Versace.

  • ZuZu

    Cracks me up! Women wanted lips that black women were born with… amazing. LMAO

  • Nab TL

    these people look very scary. they don’t look human. what makes someone destroy their looks for this. I would take my chances aging gracefully then allowing some doctor to mutilate my face. If they think this is sexy they need to get their money back and file a law suit against those doctors who are allowed to do this.