Big Ang Reality Show Premieres July 8

Are you ready for some BIG fun with Ang?

Big Ang Reality Show Premieres July 8

As you've probably heard, Mob Wives' biggest personality Big Ang has landed her own spinoff show on VH1 and let me just say, I'm more excited about her show than I am the new Mob Wives Chicago!

The overinflated lips, the gravelly deep voice, those GARGANTUAN fun bags and of course, her bubbly, upbeat personality are all elements of what make Angela “Big Ang” Raoila the adorable (yes, I said adorable) character that she is. When she joined Mob Wives during Season 2 she immediately stole the show and there was no question that she could easily carry her own reality series. Girlfriend has no enemies. Everyone loves Ang!

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Mob Wives creator Jennifer Graziano says she knew Big Ang would be a star.

“When I first brought Big Ang in, I wanted her for season one, but I felt like she was a little bit older than the other women. She’s a friend of my older sister and my aunt. We’ve known her since we were kids. We had that one major connection, and I thought, ‘Let me build my brand first, then save her as my secret weapon for season two,’ which I think worked out great.”

“She’s just so hysterically funny, so genuine, so real — it’s almost like you can’t believe what you’re seeing!”

Fans, including myself, would have to agree.

Ang says her newfound pop culture status has been good for business. “The bar is blowing up. We have people coming from California, Mississippi, all over. People came from Saudi Arabia last night with their bodyguards to come and see me! They said everyone in Saudi Arabia loves me.”

Of course they do.

Who wouldn't LOVE to hang out with Big Ang for a crazy loud night at the Drunken Monkey?! (That's Big Ang's bar for those of you who don't know) It would definitely be a hell of an adventure, and if you got too wasted, she could probably throw you over her shoulder and toss you in a cab. That's my kinda girl.

But for now, I guess we'll have to settle for watching her new series on VH1. Check out the premiere of Big Ang on July 8. Crack open some vino and get whacked with Ang!

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  • Michynkrs

    You know she’s gonna ROCK IT with her diamonds and furs and Little Louie! I cant wait either!

  • Michelle Jones

    So looking forward to Big Ang!!

    • phill53

      Damn Girl, if we could get U a guest appearance w/Ang, the heavens would explode, along with our TV’s, but I’d buy another1 4 part 2……I just can’t get enough of either of U, as ‘ure humor is real & your lack of words R endless, God only knows why we can’t get U that “push” 2 open door TV exec’s could “”NEVER”" close, so here’s hoping, because I want more “broxy”……….hahahahaaa…

  • Leprocaunlady1

    big ang is so good i cant waite to see her on sunday night and i am so glad that you have your dog back louie back keep up the good work i lov watching your show every sunday i dont miss any of them inclueing mob wifei injoy that to good luck and my god bless you always from leprocaunlady1 @aol .com hope that you right back to me