Big Ang VH1 Reality Show: More Details!

VH1 releases more information on Big Ang's spin-off show!

Big Ang VH1 Reality Show: More Details!

Mob Wives fan rejoice, VH1 has released more information about Big Ang‘s upcoming show in July.

It looks like we’ll finally get to see the rat bastard husband of hers, the one who is allegedly in the sanitation business. If that doesn’t sound like a cover, I don’t know what does. We all know how Big Ang loves the wise guys, and a “sanitation worker” just doesn’t fit the bill. I am curious to see what this guy is all about, and if he is anything like Ang. (I’m sure his boobs are smaller.)

I’m pretty convinced there is no way I won’t love this show, I could watch and listen to Big Ang all day long. I mean, how can you take your eyes OFF her?! The show will be worth watching purely to oogle at it’s star.

From VH1′s press release:

During her reality television debut in the second season of VH1′s hit series “Mob Wives,” Big Ang became the undeniable sweetheart of Staten Island. VH1′s “Big Ang” will follow the sassy and loveable leading lady as she hangs out at her popular Staten Island bar, The Drunken Monkey, schmoozing with her inner circle, especially- ‘da wise guys,’ her canine sidekick Lil’ Louis and of course fan favorites from the original “Mob Wives” series.

As the matriarch of her crew, Angela Raiola, aka “Big Ang,” embraces the spotlight with her collection of diamonds and fur. Growing up in the heart of Brooklyn, this self proclaimed “bad girl” comes from mafia royalty. Niece of Salvatore “Sally Dogs” Lombardi, Big Ang has proven she can handle the heat from the gangsters. Her son, Anthony Donofrio, aka A.J., is a 23 year-old ladies man who may have learned a trick or two from his heartbreaking mother. Next is little sister Janine Detore, who is willing to take on anyone who crosses her family, and is deservingly referred to as “The Family Protector.” Additionally, viewers will finally get to meet the lucky guy who won Big Ang’s heart- her husband, the infamous Neil, a 38 year-old sanitation employee.

Big Ang holds family close to her heart and her relationships have proven that friendship and family go hand-in-hand. After 30 years ruling the neighborhood with childhood friend Linda Torres, Big Ang and Linda still know how to get a little crazy and remain inseparable. Jennifer Patafio, aka “Little Jen,” is as loyal to her red lipstick, stilettos and scotch as she is to Big Ang and her wise guys. Completing the rat pack is long-time friend and “nephew” Anthony Cracchiolo. With his lady killer instincts and an eye for business, Anthony prides himself on his gentlemanly ways and his part in expanding The Drunken Monkey.

VH1′s “Big Ang” is the true definition of “living large.” She lives in a world with larger-than-life laughter and fun, but most importantly, an overwhelming sense of loyalty and love from family and friends. This wild and eclectic bunch will do just about everything but disappoint.

Make sure you catch Big Ang on VH1, July 8th and don’t forget to give her a follow on Twitter @BiggAngVH1!


  • Wendi_labranche

    I LOVE YOU BIG ANG…I’m from a small town in west charelston,vt. and you are the best strong women and friend, mom any child someone could be blessed with….I could only wish too meet you some day!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!