Big Ang’s Son is a Cocaine Dealer

Son of Mob Wives' Big Ang arrested for cocaine charges

Big Ang’s Son is a Cocaine Dealer

Those of you who watch Mob Wives and know about it’s plastic surgery addled star Big Ang might also know about her criminal past. Not exactly shocking being as she is on a show called “Mob Wives,” is it?

In 2001 Angela “Big Ang” Raiola was indicted on six felony counts of dealing cocaine to undercover officers. When she was busted she had a purse full of the drug – 14 baggies to be exact. She was eventually put on three years probation and four months house arrest. She has since said in interviews that she regrets that period in her life but was struggling to make ends meet. Now, 12-years later, her son is being charged with the same crime.

Police went looking for A.J. Donofrio, 23, at Big Ang’s bar The Drunken Monkey monday night only to discover he wasn’t there. A.J. turned himself in on Tuesday after he and four others were indicted on 50 felony counts. He had sold cocaine to an undercover police officer and told him where they could buy the prescription drug oxycodone illegally as well.

On Mob Wives, A.J. claims to be a pizzeria worker who is trying to get his life back in order. He describes himself as a “mama’s boy”.

This is not Donofrio’s first run in with the law, he was arrested last year for beating the hell out of a guy with a pipe and he was also popped for DUI 8-months ago.

Yeah, that’s pretty “mob”.