‘Mob Wives Chicago’ Will Not Be Renewed, Says Leah DeSimone

Poor ratings, lack of cast chemistry to blame?

‘Mob Wives Chicago’ Will Not Be Renewed, Says Leah DeSimone

Mob Wives Chicago fans have been wondering – will the show return for a second season?

Although the original Mob Wives boasted booming ratings and will air it’s third season in January 2013, Mob Wives Chicago didn’t fare nearly as well, and VH1 has shown no interest in renewing it for a second season. How do we know this? We’ve been watching Leah DeSimone‘s tweets, along with other cast members.

Perhaps the problem lies in the chemistry between the women; there was very little. There were more punches thrown than on the Bad Girls Club and I’ll be honest, most of the ladies were hard to love. Or even like. 

My favorite Chicago girl was Leah, who sadly didn’t get as much airtime as say, Renee Fecarotta, simply for the fact that she didn’t instigate the shit slinging. Although I COULD NOT STAND Renee, I have to say, I sort of grew to love-to-hate her towards the end of Season 1. Anyhow, it was via Leah that I first heard the news that Mob Wives Chicago would not be returning to VH1.

Renee, on the other hand, seems like she is holding on for dear hope that the show WILL renew. She tweeted about Leah, and the fact that she said the show is kaput:

Renee Fecarotta Mob Wives Chicago Season 2

Nothing official means, “I have not conceded that my 15-minutes is over!”  Renee is ALWAYS starting drama, and even though the show is over, the feuds have kept right on going via Twitter. Renee still hates Nora and Leah, and I’m sure the feelings are mutual. The ladies’ Twitter accounts alone are reality show worthy.

R.I.P. Mob Wives Chicago. 2012-2012.


  • Missssssgina

    There was absolutely no chemistry between these gals .. trumped up drama made it even worse. I liked a couple of the gals but it just was not really worth watching. Sorry gals …