Chicago: Twitter Fight Between Leah and Renee!

It's an all out public war and neither woman is backing down!

Chicago: Twitter Fight Between Leah and Renee!

Okay, I am going to start this article off by saying I am not a fan of Renee Fecarotta Russo of Mob Wives Chicago. So if you are a fan of hers, I’m not so sure you are going to like what you’re about to read. Click “back” now and spare me the death threats.

If you watch Mob Wives Chicago you know Renee is the common denominator in 98% of the fights on the show. She claims to be all about “class” and says she is “real”, but yet she’s the first one to come out swinging like some 14-year-old juvenile delinquent who has yet to learn that anger gets you nowhere in life. She used to go by the name Renee Russo, well, because that’s her name. It probably served her well before MWC because we all know being called “Renee Russo” will get you attention because someone who is actually famous has that name. Right? Well then MWC comes along and suddenly it’s convenient to drop the name “Russo” and pick up the name”Fecarotta,” the family name with mob ties. Needless to say, certain family members are not happy about it.

Leah DeSimone, on the other hand, seems to be more down to earth, level headed and prefers to keep the peace among her friends. I don’t have anything bad to say about Leah personality wise because she’s shown herself to be a good friend on the show. But Renee is simply a firecracker with a nonexistent fuse. Again, just my opinion.

Anywho, Leah and Renee have been at odds on the show and it seems as though the drama is carrying over to real life – and Twitter. The two women have been involved in a HEATED fight on the social networking site since Tuesday night and it is UGLY. I wish I could tell you how it started, but after reading hundreds of retweets and tweets, I am still at a loss. One thing is for certain, the reunion show is going to be OFF THE HOOK.

I grabbed some screenshots from Twitter so you can see the major highlights of the fight for yourself.

Mob Wives Chicago Fight Renee Leah Twitter

The “ball” talk quickly led to Renee calling Leah a “tranny,” which obviously offended a slew of people on Twitter.

Mob Wives Chicago Twitter Fight

At some point Renee starting screaming her head off about Leah involving her kids, saying she called her ex-husband and made her 10-year-old cry or something, but it sounds to me like she can’t back that claim up. Also, just read the language! AND THE CAPS! Renee is the one showing the lack of “class,” not Leah.

Mob Wives Chicago Leah Renee Twitter Fight

Renee just keeps on hurling out the personal (and downright cruel) tweets, hoping to hurt, and piss off, Leah. One thing she succeeded in, was looking like a jackass.

Mob Wives Chicago Twitter Fight Renee Leah

It’s ridiculous. Renee is out of her damn mind. She’s quickly become the reality “star” I looove to hate.

Watch the Mob Wives Chicago finale on VH1 Sunday, August 19, and stay tuned for the real drama on the reunion show in the weeks following. I can’t wait to see how this one ends.

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  • Beyoncca

    Renee is such a ugly rat. She reminds me of Drita, all bark and no bite. Renee and Pia are so gross. Renee looks ultra plasic, like a face lift gone wrong. Pia’s face and neck looks like it doesn’t match her aging body. Christina, Leah and Nora are REAL and my favorite!

    • mafiaprinsess

      drita is cool but renee does look like an ugly rat

  • guildwarsize

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  • spicy_pants

    I can’t stand Renee. She is such a fricking lunatic, but I am obsessed with her surgically botched face!

  • Janet357

    Not sure I would want an eye exam from this woman. Yikes Renee.

  • mafiaprinsess

    I cant stand that bitch reneee, shes fake as hell and her blonde hair annoys the hell outta me. shes the worse one on the show!! Lea is my girl! shes real and sweet! Leah, kick her ass!!

  • Angeliagonzalez

    When Renee explaines to someone what the situation was she always leaves a hell of alot out! She thinks way to much of herself!

  • Katherine_brown2003

    renee need to stop man, she dont know what leah gonna do to her dumb ass.. its makin me wanna whip her ass