Chicago: Fights, Fights and More Fights!

These ladies just aren't living up to the O.G.'s

Chicago: Fights, Fights and More Fights!

Five episodes into Mob Wives: Chicago and already I’m like, let’s get this the eff over with. Just my opinion, but the Chicago women got nothing on the O.G. Mob Wives. However, I’ll also add that I am a huge fan of MMA fighting and of watching cat fights from afar, so entertainment wise, I suppose it’s living up to the drama end of things, but other than that? Meh.

The ladies themselves aren’t exactly lovable – or even likable. The only one I can relate to any sort of level is Renee, the one who I thought I was going to be the most annoyed by. At least she seems to be slower to throw punches & cocktails. But when she does, look out! As much as she loves being on the show, I think she’d prefer a nice comfy seat with the Housewives of Whatever. Yes, even those Housewives shows rank higher on the food chain than this mess.

Mob Wives Chicago fight

Then there’s Nora, who’s taking a claw to the temple from Renee in the above pic. Nora is pissed at Renee for showing up late to her father’s birthday memorial and she’s obviously the type of person to hold a grudge. First off, Nora is obsessed with creating controversy around her father’s death and burial if only for the fact that she’s on a reality show. She gets pissed and defensive when people ask if her father was a hitman, but DUH, he totally was. He was just never “convicted”. So of course I found it completely comical when, after sucker punching Renee and Renee beat her ass, she screamed repeatedly, “I WILL KILL YOU!”

Like father, like daughter. But not really. This little emotionally disturbed pipsqueak couldn’t fight her way out of a wet paper bag.

Christine Mob Wives Chicago

Christina. Sure, she might think she’s boss bitch, but she is lazy and you can only blame the economy for your unemployment for so long. Eight years without a job!? Even though she divorced her husband a year ago they still live together for the sake of their daughter. Methinks it’s more for the sake of Christina. The least she could do is the effing dishes and make sure his dinner is warm since hubs is the one floating the bill. Lazy.

Leah Desimone Mob Wives Chicago makeup

Leah feels the most down to earth to me. The least likely to put on a show for the sake of the cameras. She is definitely THE Queen Kong of the show, no doubt. But sadly she puts her makeup on as if she actually had Queen Kong hands. Leah is pretty elusive, she definitely doesn’t get as much face time as the others, but it’s probably because she isn’t acting like a complete imbecile in real life. In fact, her current storyline is about being there for her mother who is battling aggressive breast cancer.

Pia Mob Wives Chicago

Pia. I see her as an emotionally damaged little girl. She’s a stripper, a wreck emotionally and mentally and seems on the verge of a breakdown at any given moment. Not sure what happened to her, but “daddy issues” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

All in all, I’m pretty disappointed with Mob Wives: Chicago. With all the shows out there to keep up with, you have to be choosy these days. To break it down, I think this show is doomed. Prove me wrong, ladies.