Chicago Finale: Nora Learns the Truth About Her Dad

Nora opens her dad's coffin while the rest of the women take a booze cruise

Chicago Finale: Nora Learns the Truth About Her Dad

It’s been a long season of Mob Wives Chicago, and Sunday the show wrapped with Nora finally learning whether or not her father’s remains are indeed the ones in the coffin.

The show opens with Pia visiting Renee and telling her about her failed meeting with Nora during last week’s episode. Pia says, “It took me longer to get a cab than it did for me to speak with her.” Renee isn’t surprised, and in fact, she’s probably relieved because she’s not ready to make peace with Nora anyhow.

Mob Wives Chicago Renee Fecarotta

Renee dishes to Pia that she spoke with her jailed baby daddy and says that she hasn’t told her daughter Giana about it yet. Renee and baby daddy screamed at each other on the phone until time ran out and they were disconnected. Renee tells Pia she doesn’t want Giana to hear about it from her dad. She offers Pia some pasta and pulls out a bowl of cold leftovers. The pasta looks less than appetizing and even more so after she dumps salad dressing(?) over it. Renee tells Pia about her trip with Dave to Boston and it seems she’s ready to put Dave on the backburner until she gets things sorted with Giana.

Leah tells us her mother, who is battling breast cancer, is battling depression and we learn she’s stopped chemo. Leah talks with her dad and he isn’t very comforting. She tells him she thinks her mother is giving up and he responds with, “If that what she wants to do, then that’s what she’s gonna do.” She then tells him she worries about losing him as well, a thought she cannot bear. He’s basically like, “get over it.”

Nora and Christina meet up and talk about Pia. Nora tells Christina that Pia was agressive so she decided to end the meeting right away. The conversation quickly turns to Nora exhuming her father’s body. She says she has anxiety and fear, but is eager to have his remains cremated and to move on with the next chapter in her life.

Christina heads to her shrink and is giddy. She can’t wait to tell her about her internship with the fashion designer. She also talks about her relationship with friends and says she feels like she has grown (wtf, she didn’t really answer anything about her relationships!) and she manages to pull out a few invisible tears.

Nora’s friend Julie visits from Florida and lends an ear to Nora and her situation. As they’re talking, the phone rings and it’s the cemetery. Even though Nora’s attorney has all the required paperwork to have the body exhumed they claim they still need the signatures from all her siblings. Nora flips out because she has the legal right to procede. She contacts her attorney and gets the court order.

She arrives at the cemetery with her injunction in hand.

Giana stops by Renee’s to talk about her dad and for once we see a “real” side of Renee. Instead of salivating and screaming, she’s talking, explaining and being reasonable. She tells Giana she once loved her father and it “wasn’t all bad” when she was with him. She promises to not talk negatively about Giana’s father in the future. Giana seems eternally grateful to finally not have to listen to her mom say what a horrible guy he is…even if he did kill someone heinously.

Renee takes the ladies, minus Nora, on a boat to enjoy some time on the water. Today is the day Nora exhumes her dad’s body so the women chat about it on their way there.

Looking glum, Nora arrives at the cemetery. The gates are locked. They finally open and Nora sees her dad’s grave is empty. The cemetery calls her and explains that she needs to hurry and get to the crematorium because her dad’s body is there and is prepared to be cremated. Her arch enemy, the funeral director, is also at the crematorium. On her way there Nora sobs in the car.

Then it goes from bad to worse.

Police pull over the Escalade she is riding in and tell Nora to exit the vehicle. They inform her she is being detained  for investigation. They explain that she was trespassing on the cemetery grounds, despite having her court order.

Mob Wives Chicago Drunk

Back on the boat the women schmooze and are fake nice to one another – long enough to quaff down some free drinks. The alcohol flows and Pia gets trashed and her tube dress starts making it’s way south. Next thing you know, her boobs are hanging out and she’s straddling Christina. When their boat gets anywhere near another one Renee starts screaming for attention, like she does on every episode when filming in public.

Not to be upstaged by Pia’s boobs, Renee sits on the boat’s windshield right in front of old Captain Ted, who is maneuvering this train boat wreck of drunk bitches.

Back at the cemetery Nora is livid because she feels the police are toying with her and her dead father one last time. The police never detain her and I was left confused by the whole thing. Was it scripted – or were the Chicago cops really harassing her? Regardless, Nora is left fuming because her father’s grave was excavated outside of her presence.

Nora Schweihs Exhume Body Father

She arrives where the casket is and watches it be lifted out of a large white (concrete or metal?) container. The funeral director tells her he will look inside the coffin first, then tell her is she is going to want to look – or not. He takes the casket into a garage and opens it as Nora waits outside. “Oh, that’s bad,”  he is heard saying in between coughs. He comes out to Nora. “You can’t see him. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

“Is it just bones?” Nora asks.

“He’s decomposing and it’s just not healthy, and um, it’s been four years Nora. I’m so sorry. I can’t do that to you. Honestly.” He assures her her father had an autopsy and he repeats himself. “I don’t even know you and I can’t do that to you. I’m so sorry.”

She asks how bad it is and tells her it’s BAD.  ”Do you really wanna see him like that? His eyelids and his eyelashes are gone. His lips are gone. His nose is gone. Please, you don’t want to do that.” You can see the distant look in Nora’s eyes as she imagines her father’s corpse.

As Nora is experiencing a horrific day, the other ladies are feeling no pain on their booze cruise and they’re all lovey-dovey for the very first time this season. Then Leah asks Renee and Pia to be at peace with Nora but neither woman is having it.

A pathologist shows up to confirm that Nora’s father Frank “The German” Schweihs is the one in the casket. The pathologist examines the remains and is concerned. Why is the corpse so thin? Frank was a large man. He says he is uncertain of the corpse’s identity. They decide DNA is the best way to confirm whether or not it’s him. The results will take a couple of weeks. In the meantime his body cannot be cremated. Nora decides to bite the bullet and see her father’s body for herself.

Nora can’t hardly bring herself to get a good look but what she does see, leaves her unconvinced it is her father.

The Mob Wives Chicago finale ends with an update from VH1.

“Two weeks later Nora received the results of the DNA test. The results were inconclusive. One week later dental records confirmed that the body in the casket is indeed “The German.”

Stay tuned for the Mob Wives Chicago reunion in the week’s ahead and read our exclusive interview with Mob Wives Chicago’s Nora Schweihs!