Chicago: Almost a Fight Free Episode. Almost.

Not even breast cancer can shut these bitches up!

Chicago: Almost a Fight Free Episode. Almost.

Mob Wives Chicago just can’t seem to get through a single episode without a fight. This week was almost an exception, except Renee just can’t keep that yippie mouth of hers closed.

For once, the episode wasn’t all about fighting. At least there were no blows or drinks thrown, and no hair extensions ripped out. There were actually some touching story lines having to do with the ladies’ families, but don’t think for one minute that there wasn’t drama.

Leah, who has been the only one to not instigate any chaos among friends, is trying to cope with her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis. She decides it would be beneficial to do the breast cancer walk in honor of her mother. She asks the gang to come by her house to help bedazzle the pink t-shirts they’ll be wearing. She’s invited everyone – even troublemaker Nora – to participate in the walk with her. Of course Pia and Renee are disgusted that Nora will be there, but decide it’s best to put their differences aside to support Leah and her mother.

As they hotglue bling to their shirts, Christina confronts Renee about an incident where Renee took Christina’s phone and sent a nasty text to Nora. Renee starts off with a half-ass apology then tells Christina she would do it again. Renee can never admit any wrongdoing and she always gets confrontational (and loud) when called on something. Her eyes bug out like a Pug’s and it’s like someone has a vice-clamp on her head, causing all veins to throb in her temples. She’s obnoxious. In the first few episodes I thought she might be the sanest one of the bunch, but now, I have no doubt that she is one of the most cray cray. (I am soooo fascinated with her botox’d equine features when she gets pissed!)

So … an event that was supposed to be for a good cause turned into a cat fight between Christina and Renee. Way to ruin it for Leah, who is dealing with something much bigger than bitchy text messages. I wish she would throw down and put these crunts in their place.

Renee Mob Wives Chicago

Renee doesn’t exactly have the best taste in men and is dealing with the fathers of both her children. Giana, 20, her oldest daughter, has a father in prison for life, serving time for the brutal murder of an old, rich woman who he and some friends wanted to rob. Her youngest daughter’s father is fighting for custody of their child in court.

Giana says Renee told her that her father abandoned her as a child, but both her father and other relatives have disputed those claims saying he tried to contact Giana but Renee wouldn’t let him be a part of her life. Giana decides to go visit her father in prison, without her mother, who is miffed that Giana wants to go alone. Renee writes Giana a letter before she goes and it’s basically a big mindf**k that leaves Giana in tears and confused about why her mother is saying things in a letter that she’s never said to her in real life. Giana believes her mother is jealous of her relationship with her father, but Renee claims Giana’s dad is a conman and cannot be trusted. It’s probably a little of both.

Giana Mob Wives Chicago Season 1

After visiting her father, Giana is tore up and still unsure who to believe. But she loves her dad despite what he has done in the past and wants to believe that he did attempt to be in contact with her all those years.

Meanwhile, Pia and her daughter enjoy some mother/daughter time and talk about Pia quitting dancing. She explains to her daughter Bella, 15, that they’ll need to scale down their lifestyle. Then she asks her what she would like to do for her 16th birthday and Bella replies, “I want to travel somewhere where I need a passport.” Way to scale back. It seems Bella doesn’t really care if her mom dances or not. She just wants to go to Europe.

Renee heads to court to battle it out with her ex over custody of their daughter and the judge rules in her favor. More botox tears.

Mob Wives Chicago Season 1 Renee

Nora, who is still hellbent on creating a wine in honor of her murderous father, Frank “The German” Schweihs, and exhuming his body so she can verify his death, learns more about the procedures she needs to take in order to have the body exhumed. I still think she is doing it for television, not because she actually believes in a federal conspiracy. Regardless, Nora is pleased to have found a way to do so, and according to her, it’s what her father would have wanted. To be cremated and spend the rest of his life in Florida – in the ocean. Maybe he’ll join up with some old victims of his while he’s there.

Mob Wives Chicago Nora Schweihs

Mob Wives Chicago is starting to grow on me – dare I say it? But is it good enough to merit a Season 2? I’m still not convinced. You?


  • Spicy

    I cannot STAND Nora and now Renee is right up there too.

  • Beyoncca

    Renee has issues. I thought she hated Pia because Pia was friends with Renee’s boyfriend and Renee thought he and Pia had a sexual relationship at one point. All of a sudden that issue could be put on the back burner, because Renee found out that someone else shared her hatred for Nora.
    Pia and Renee’s friendship by default is so fake, about as fake as Renee’s face.(botched face lift)