Chicago: Nora Gets What She Deserves

Nora runs her mouth, gets an ass whoopin', then plays the victim

Chicago: Nora Gets What She Deserves

This week'

s episode of Mob Wives Chicago is all about the aftermath of the fight between Renee, Pia and Nora.

We get to see the damage Renee did to Nora's face after Nora screamed, “Your dad raped you everyday!” and it was pretty impressive. Nora's eyes were scratched and she had red marks all over her face, but you can't say she didn't get what she deserved. She's been talking smack to both Renee and Pia, stirring the pot until it boils over and then she acts surprised and victimized when the women retaliate. I can't stand her.

The only person that feels for Nora is Christine, who is empathetic toward her psychotic friend and will do anything for her. She twists the situation in Nora's favor, making it seem like Nora was ganged up on at the party, but clearly she is forgetting what got Nora in that situation in the first place. Her fat mouth.

Mob Wives Chicago Renee Fight

Renee is still fuming at the allegations her father raped her and she meets up with her brother Frank to tell him what Nora said about their dad. She breaks down crying and her botox'd face stuggles to show emotion. I love watching her cry. But I understand her anger, Nora said that just to be vindictive and cruel, because she can't actually fight worth a damn. Instead she chooses words that are like a lyrical kick in the crotch.

Meanwhile, Christine heads to Leah's to vent about the whole situation as Leah gives Christine's hooves a pedicure. She tries to get Leah on Nora's side by showing Leah the photos of Nora's face after she received the beat down from Renee. Christine even manages to conjure up some tears for the cameras. Leah is sympathetic but she knows damn well Nora deserved what she got. “Nora opened up her mouth, said what she shouldn't have said, and she got a f***ing beating,” she says point blank.

Pia, also fighting with Nora, is sick and tired of Christine standing up for Nora. Nora has repeatedly called Pia out for being a stripper for the past 15-years and she's gotten personal. “She probably has gonorrhea!” Nora blurted out during the fight.

Even though both Pia and Renee are at odds with Nora, the two of them also have some serious issues, and it's Renee who needs to get over it. Renee constantly attacks Pia for dancing and has even said she was a better person that Pia. Now, Pia might be batshit crazy, but she isn't vicious (unless backed into a corner and wasted) just to be vicious like Renee and Nora. She's kind of growing on me because she's sort of the underdog in this group of women and I think she has the biggest heart.

Renee and Leah meet up with Christine over lunch to discuss the drama. Christine keeps defending Nora but has no real reason to back it up. This infuriates Renee, who can't believe Christine is still taking Nora's side. Leah, the boss bitch of all of the Chicago ladies, puts Christine in her place by reminding her of Nora's actions, “Nora shoulda never said what she said, and the fight woulda never happened!”

I'm with Leah.

Mob Wives Chicago Pia Stripper

Because this show is all about 'parties & fights' and 'aftermath lunches', it's time for Renee and Pia to discuss their fighting over lunch. Pia seems eager for Renee to like her and asks why it is that she is so judgmental toward her. Renee continues to show her disgust for Pia's chosen line of work despite Pia explaining that she did it to better her daughter's life. Renee says she can't understand how anyone could strip for 15-years and she thinks it's time Pia “hang up her g-string”. Pia agrees and says she is going to quit dancing. Renee continues to talk down to Pia but offers a fig leaf and says she will “help” her anyway she can. She's such a fake bitch.

Pia decides to have a talk with her teenage daughter, who clearly has a better head on her shoulders than momma. She explains that Nora has been saying awful things about her (that she trades sexual favors for money) and that she doesn't want it to affect her daughter's life. She breaks down crying and we see who the real mother is. The daughter. She comforts her mother and tells her she appreciates all she has done to support their family. crazy stripper or not, one thing is apparent, Pia raised a beautiful, smart child.

Nora, who is eerily obsessed with exhuming her father's body, has created a vintage wine in his honor. Never mind that he was a murderer, Nora feels she owes it to her father as a way to remember him. She describes her first taste of the wine:

“It was like my dad was inside of me. Tingling. I can't even explain how joyous it was.”

I feel tingling in the back of my throat like I am going to vomit. Did she really just say she felt like her dad was inside of her?!!

Mob Wives Chicago Nora Fight

Christine, still defending her sinewy little friend Nora, decides to invite Leah to lunch with them so Leah can hear about the fight from Nora's point of view. Leah reminds her that accusing someone's father of raping them is a pretty big deal, but all Nora has to say is, “It's true!”  But yet somehow Christine and Nora manage to get Leah on their side and all the women start pointing fingers at Pia. So it looks like next week everyone is going to be coming down on Pia, who just wants some damn respect.

Quick, someone get her a drink! (Or a boxing trainer and a good psychologist…she is going to need it I&

039;m afraid.)



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