Chicago: Renee vs. The World

Episode 9 is all about Renee frothing at the mouth

Chicago: Renee vs. The World

What was that I said about Renee at the beginning of the season? I’m ashamed to admit it.

“It’s during this situation that I realize Renee is the sanest one of the bunch.”

How wrong I was. With only two episodes left in the season, I know now that Renee is, without a doubt, the most unstable, quick tempered, vindictive snatch of the bunch. Episode 9 was all about Renee and her self-made drama, and of course, she seems to think the world is out to get her.

First it’s her 20-year-old daughter Gianna, whose father is serving time for murder. Renee really knows how to pick ‘em. On last week’s episode Gianna visited her father in prison and he told her that he tried visiting her as a kid but Renee, wouldn’t let him. After Renee pressures Gianna into talking about her experience with her father in the clink, Gianna, confronts her mother about possibly lying to her all these years about her dad. Renee swears that Gianna’s dad abandoned her, but Gianna believes her father’s side of the story and the two women end up in a screaming match after Renee tells Gianna her dad once faked having cancer for sympathy. Gianna is once again completely mind-effed by her mom and she reacts with anger. It’s no secret where she gets it, Renee reacts to everything with anger. But if you recall, Renee swears she’s “all about class.” More trash than class, doll.

Leah, Renee and Pia all go to yoga together and of course the conversation goes from downward facing dog to Nora, the  upward walking rat. Leah for  some unknown reason, is still siding with Nora who was the one who originally stirred all this drama up. She tells Renee and Pia that Nora stands by what she said about each of them, and this does not settle well with Renee. If you recall, Nora told everyone Renee’s father raped Renee as a child. This whole storyline still wigs me out. Why would Nora, or anyone, accuse someone’s father of raping his child? Renee swears it isn’t true, but whether it is or not, it’s certainly none of Nora’s business. Renee goes into furious banshee mode again, you know the one where she gets that face, and gives Leah a tongue lashing for even talking to Nora about it.

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Renee and Pia are now former enemies who are joined at the hip because Renee’s learned that she can toy with Pia. Pia is clueless and thinks Renee really likes her, but I see it for what it is. Renee doesn’t have anyone else to hang out with anymore, and Pia just goes along for the ride. Renee was soooo bothered by Pia a few episodes ago, but now that she’s busy burning bridges everywhere else, Pia is all she’s got.

The two ladies go shopping for bikinis because suddenly Pia thinks she is going to be a model. At least that’s what her “life coach” is telling her. See? Pia is so naive. Renee gushes about how good Pia looks in a bikini. Her plastic, fake friendship with Pia makes me want to vomit.

Renee goes to pay for the $300+ in swimwear and her credit card is turned down. As is a second card…and a third. She suspects her boyfriend Dave has closed the accounts. They’ve been having issues, and not only are they in a relationship, but they also run an optical business together. Renee arranges to meet Dave for dinner to discuss the credit cards and their personal drama, but he stands her up. Renee, the one lone diner in the elegant restaurant, is embarrassed – and livid. She vows to play dirty from here on out.

Leah, Renee, Christina and Pia all head to a driving range where Renee “peacocks” like a 15-year old attention whore. Making a complete scene every time she hits a ball, Renee jumps up and down, squeals wildly and flails around so everyone at the driving range notices her. Of course she’s also trying to annoy Christina, who has stood up for Nora (along with Leah) by flagrantly showing what a fricking AMAZING time she is having – at the driving range! Woooohooo! Look at me!

You know how bitches are.

Afterwards the ladies (for lack of a better term) grab a cocktail and another bitchfest ensues. No one is budging on their stance of Nora, and once again Christina brings up Renee taking her phone and using it to text Nora. She’s still pissed and feels that Renee has no remorse ater saying she would “do it again.” Renee ends up screaming, pointing and bulging at the temples because she is backed into a corner and knows she’s wrong. She’s never one to admit any wrongdoing. Ever.

The F-bombs fly, I literally lost count after about 50. Every other word is *bleep!” and it’s usually Renee who’s dropping those bombs. But she’s classy, mind you.

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Renee calls her creepy brother Frankie and has him stop by the optical boutique to talk to her boyfriend/business partner, Dave, to feel him out. She’s worried about the business since her credit card accounts were closed. Frankie is a creeper, and he shows up and tries to intimidate Dave, who could beat Frankie’s ass with one arm tied behind his back. Dave calls the cops and Frankie refuses to leave. Renee shows up and can’t believe Dave called the cops on her brother but I’m sure she got him all worked into a frenzy before he headed over there. Dave just didn’t want to deal with rabid Frankie. Can’t blame him. He probably wants out of the relationship AND the business with Renee. I’m surprised he’s put up with her and her slimy brother for this long.

The show wraps with a frazzled Renee talking to Gianna’s dad on the phone from prison. They go back and forth, both holding fast to their stories that the other one is more batsh*t crazy than the other, and a worse parent. Renee flaps her gums and screams at him in her whiny, screeching voice as she turns purple and suddenly time runs out. Their call is disconnected. Nothing was solved and Renee is all sorts of worked up, frothing at the mouth once again. If Renee’s not careful she’s going to have a damn stroke or something. Her blood pressure must be through the roof. She is so angry all the time, and so defensive, she must really be miserable. Making others just as miserable seems to be her life ambition. She’s not going to get very far in life with her piss poor attitude. (Unless of course you throw reality television into that equation.)


  • Beyoncca

    Renee’s a psycho who can’t stop fighting other peoples battles. I think Renee should focus on her man that she thinks slept with Pia. Spend alittle less time rummaging through Christina’s purse to steal her phone simply to harrass Nora. Renee hated Pia in early episodes, and only because Renee has no one else to hang with she tolerates Pia.

  • Wolflady_02

    funny, I’ve known Renee since 1999, never seen her act this way before.. haha, rather interesting..