Chicago: Terrible Attitudes and Fresh Starts

Renee and Nora's attitudes are unchanged, Pia and Christine work on new careers

Chicago: Terrible Attitudes and Fresh Starts

It’s finally time for the ladies to do the cancer walk in support of Leah’s mother who is battling breast cancer. Leah expresses to the women that she hopes everyone can get over their issues and cooperate long enough to complete the walk. Kind of hard to take her seriously when she’s wearing fricking high heels to a cancer walk.

Renee, who is always bitching, always negative and always combative, whines that she can’t possibly be around Nora without wanting to gouge her eyes out. When Nora and Christine show up Leah approaches them (minus Renee and Pia) and says she hopes to keep the peace – and please don’t kill Nora.

During their walk, Pia and Renee walk arm-in-arm flaunting their relationship in front of the other women who they are excluding from their BFF-lovefest. You can bet it’s Renee who is doing the most “peacocking”, remember last week when she was doing the same thing on the driving range? Look at me everyone! I’m so happy and joyous being me! I like Pia, and it ticks me off that she has joined forces with plastic snatch, Renee.

“Pia and Renee are walking arm in arm like two lesbios,” chides Nora. “Here you got two people that hate and despise each other more than anything, now all of a sudden they’re holding hands, skipping, laughing. There just a bunch of nitwits.”

The feeling is mutual. As Renee and Pia walk the charity event they bash Nora. Renee starts it off. “I can’t stand looking at her face.” Pia chimes in, “She always looks like she needs to be hosed off.” Renee agrees. “Like a wet dog. So gross.”

Leaving her exotic dancing job in the dust, Pia’s publicist schedules a photo shoot for Pia to get some publicity shots. To prepare, Pia heads to the botox doctor and takes Renee with her. “We’re starting to do everything together, Renee, beat people up…botox…” Then they start nagging about Nora while the botox doc just stands there as stiff as the faces she just injected.

Mob Wives Chicago Pia Rizza Plastic Surgery

Meanwhile, Christine, Nora and Leah have lunch downtown and talk about how Renee and Pia refused to walk with them during the cancer walk. Leah says she is furious they couldn’t stick it out while Nora says she’s glad the women have chosen to separate themselves, because now there is no drama in her circle of friends. “It’s the best thing that has happened since buttered popcorn,” she maintains.

Christine asks Nora if she could ever be Pia’s friend again and Nora says no. But Christine insists on getting the two together to make amends despite it being the worst idea in the world.

It’s time for Pia’s photo shoot and it’s a steamy one. She wears a black lace bra and panties and poses on a bed with stark white sheets. Her hair and makeup are perfect but she is awkward as the photographer tells her to suck it in, turn this way, twist that way…and to open her lazy eye a little more.

Mob Wives Chicago Pia Rizza Sexy

Christine and Leah shop in a boutique and Christine sees some clothing made by a local designer that she really digs. She gets the woman’s business card and decides she is going to call her. She still thinks she has a future in the fashion industry, but after that silly gown we saw earlier in the season, I’m not so sure.

Renee’s boyfriend Dave stops by her place to talk about their damaged relationship. Renee flies off the handle (again) and explodes in his face for not coming with her to her custody battles in court. Dave apologizes sincerely and promises to be there for her in the future. Then he offers to whisk her away to Boston like it’s Bora Bora or something. “Dave might be the best guy I’ve ever dated, but is he the best guy for me?” she ponders.

Mob Wives Chicago Leah DeSimone

Leah and Pia have lunch and Leah tears into Pia for calling Renee “Re-Re”. Apparently she can’t stand to hear Pia say the name. “It sounds so phony. I’ve never heard you talk like that.” Pia, who I honestly think is vulnerable and generally has good intentions, is shocked. “I’m glad you’re so adamant about this because it sounds so ridiculous to me,” Pia says. Then Leah starts screaming about the cancer walk and how Pia and Renee wandered off. The argument gets heated and Pia asks Leah if she is going to have this same conversation with Renee. Leah responds, “Do you think I’m NOT? What, do you think I’m afraid of Renee? Cuz’ I ain’t afraid of nobody!” She froths at the mouth. Pia is over the drama and gets up to leave. Lunch over.

Pia and Renee go shopping and it doesn’t take long for Pia to tell Renee about Leah tripping during lunch. Then Renee dumps her relationship drama on Pia, and says she is “50/50″ on whether or not to make it work with Dave.

Later that evening Pia sees her photos from the shoot and is pleasantly surprised with how great they look. Her 16-year-old daughter loves them as well and is glad to see they are classy. Heh.

Renee decides to go to Boston with Dave and we hope she’s there for the rest for the season.

Pia and Leah get together and talk about their earlier argument. “It should have never got heated the way it got heated,” says Leah, and the women kiss and make up. They decide a meeting between Nora and Pia would do everyone some good. Especially now that Renee isn’t around to influence Pia.

Mob Wives Chicago Pia Rizza

Nora and Pia meet on a rainy day and Pia starts to talk and Nora immediately cuts her off and tries to takeover the conversation. She’s aggressive and mouthy and immediately the conversation gets nasty. Nora asks why Pia hit her (because she called her a whore) and Pia asks why Nora is talking shit behind her back. “You start everything and you can’t finish it!” yells Pia. Nora storms out like she always does, talking shit the entire way out of the restaurant. Of course when she tells everyone about it she will spin it that Pia was the one who went psycho, not her. At least she knows to leave before getting her ass handed to her – again.

Next week it’s booze cruise time for the ladies and body exhuming time for Nora. Alcohol and dead bodies!

Stay tuned, we might also have a couple excusive Mob Wives Chicago interviews coming up for you as well…badda bing!