Mob Wives: ‘Bad Boys’ and Botox Bash!

Renee worries Junior will have her killed and Carla is at war with everyone

Mob Wives: ‘Bad Boys’ and Botox Bash!

This week the women keep from killing one another  because Mob Wives Season 3 episode 2 is all about their former, and present, significant others.

Don’t get me wrong though, it looks like the groundwork is being laid for Carla and busty new cast member Love to get into a knock-down, drag-out fight. That’s a fight I will want  a ringside seat to. Carla is on everyone’s shit list this season and I can’t stand her. Poor Joe, her ex, has a new girlfriend these days, Raquel,  and she’s pretty fricking adorable, especially compared to glum, moody Carla. Carla hates her without even knowing her. Joe tells her Raquel is going to be moving in with him and Carla bugs out.She tells her girlfriends she isn’t in love with him anymore but her actions show otherwise. Looks like we’ll be seeing Raquel and Carla meet up in the near future. Team Raquel!

Mob Wives Season 3 Graziano

Renee is still a complete wreck after Junior and her father’s arrests, and after receiving a mysterious letter, which she said was in Junior’s handwriting, she frantically begins smoking and drinking wine. We are never told what the letter said, but Renee wants to move. Like, yesterday. She fears Junior will have her killed. She begins searching for a new home. With that has no basement, no attic, no detached garage, no huge backyard, not a lot of doors and windows, etc. She wants to basically live in a safe.

AJ, Renee and Junior’s son, attends his grandfather’s sentencing. He is only sentenced to 27 months with 6 months reduced for good behavior.

Drita tells the ladies that Lee will be out of jail soon and she is 100% positive that she still loves him. She hasn’t seen him in 2-years and she gets giddy when he calls her. She plans on taking her daughters out to see their father at the prison. The littlest one doesn’t even remember what her father is like.

Mob Wives Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

Drita is also searching for a new location to open a makeup studio. She says before Lee was incarcerated she was highly successful but couldn’t work due to the emotional turmoil after his arrest. She plans on rebuilding her business. She later tells her daughters about her days of playing soccer. We learn Drita was “playing on a National level,” and could have gone pro but started hanging out with the wrong people and didn’t make it a priority. You get a sense that it’s something she regrets in life and that’s where her determination to to succeed stems from.

Love was just big boobed Love this week. Like a a territorial dog pissing her scent everywhere she goes, not worrying about burning anyone’s lawns. She hasn’t killed anyone yet.

Love Majewski Mob Wives

Big Ang got a new tiny dog with pink dyed hair, Chanel. Like her other dog, Louie, this one is completely untrained and spoiled as well. Ang decides to throw a botox bash for the ladies and Carla refuses to come because of Love being there. Ramona and Karen, who we haven’t seen much of this season yet, are also there. Karen already looks like her entire face has been botoxed, and did she gain like 20 pounds since last season?