Mob Wives: Drita & Ramona Make Up, Renee In Anger Management

It's literally the calm before the storm as Hurricane Sandy nears

Mob Wives: Drita & Ramona Make Up, Renee In Anger Management

Mob Wives episode 305 was pretty tame, no fights between the ladies, and in fact, there were apologies. I’m kind of missing all the fighting this season. *sigh*

Mob Wives Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

Ramona and Drita Make Amends:

This week’s episode begins with Ramona wanting to make things right with Drita after that crazy ass fight they had on a balcony last season. (Remember when she and Karen ganged up on Drita?)  Their children are friends and it makes no sense to keep holding grudges against one another. Besides, Ramona’s daughters are having a huge birthday party and Ramona wants Drita and her girls to be there. (Anyone notice Ramona’s got a badonkadonk in the opening scene? I’ve noticed it before, but WOW!)

Ramona calls Drita and the two agree to meet. Ramona starts.

“You have and ego, I have an ego. You’re definitely not scared of nobody,  I’m defninitely not scare of nobody. You could go to bloodbath, I could go to bloodbath…”

She calls a truce. Drita is more than happy to let her guard down and she says she feels like people in their inner circle antagonized their relationship. They make up, and Drita promises to bring her girls to Ramona’s daughter’s birthday party.

Drita later meets with Carla and tells her she and Ramona have made up. Carla’s not thrilled about it, but says she’s “good with everybody” at the moment…and this is why Season 3 has been a bit of a bore to me.

At the kid’s birthday party, there’s a DJ, a photobooth, a new puppy for the girls, it’s pretty extravagant for 12 & 13 year olds. By 16 they should be having Diddy parties. Anyhow, the ladies are there with their kids, and Love is even there, looking like she was just punched in the face. I have to keep reminding myself it’s just the collagen, she always looks that way. Everyone gets along, the girls are spoiled rotten and Karen dances in her Spanx. (Well, it IS obvious.)

Ramona meets with attorney who has no sense of style and obviously dressed himself. He’s wearing an ill-fitting pinstripe suit, a salmon-colored dress shirt with a white collar, a maroon hankie sticks out of his pocket and he tops it all off with a paisley tie. Totally a mafia lawyer. Ramona wants to know if there has been any progress with her boyfriend Joe’s case, he’s currently sitting in jail. The lawyer tells her to be patient.

“Federal cases notoriosly take very long. They have you tagged as being a member of some so-called organized crime.”

Ramona’s young daughter is there and she listens in. “They will do everything they can to make your life miserable, to make your family’s life miserable.” He adds that they are going to also try to make Joe uncomfortable, to the point of forcing him to be a rat.

Then he asks Ramona if anyone knows she’s engaged to Joe. “Not really,” she says. She tells him she’s afraid to wear her engagement ring because all her jewelry was confiscated during Joe’s arrest. She says her children are the only people who know. He tells her she can wear it proudly, that Joe bought it with legitimate funds.

Mob Wives 305 2013

Renee in Rehab, Anger Management:

It’s group therapy time, which means it’s Renee in the spotlight time. She asks the therapist, “Why am I so angry?” The therapist says most addicts only know how to express anger and they focus that anger on someone who is usually undeserving. Renee quickly proves her point by tearing into a meth-faced blonde in the group session. She barks,”You talk about how women are catty, but I heard you talking about me earlier.” The woman, shocked, says, “With all due respect, I don’t know what I did.” Renee says since she doesn’t know her, her name should never even cross her lips. Oh Renee. You know her, if there is no drama, she will create it.

Later Renee calls Drita from rehab. She tells Drita she’s in anger management and she pretends not to know WHY. Drita later tells the cameras, “I don’t think Renee needs anger management, because look at who you’re asking.” she laughs.

Mob Wives Season 3 Episode 5 Recap 2013

Big Ang Kicks Neil Out, But He Scores Brownie Points:

Big Ang is working at The Drunken Monkey and her husband Neil shows up. Apparently she has kicked him out, again, because after her foot surgery, he just dropped her off at home and left.

“He does nothing around the house. He’s a slob and I’m completely over it.” – Big Ang on Neil

Later a fight breaks out in the bar. It’s still light out and the only people in the bar are old men. It’s an old man, drunk fight. One guy is in his mid-60s, and the other, a Baby Huey assh*le, is in his 50s. Baby Huey charges the older man, drinks are broken and bellies are hanging out of the bottoms of their shirts. Neil shows up in the middle of the fight and Ang runs out to get his help. Neil comes in and physically puts Baby Huey in his place. Neil might be a dumb ass, but he has a strong, nice body and no old, drunk man is a match for him.

Mob Wives Season 3 Episode 305 Recap

Karen Tries To Buy Her Daughter’s Love:

Since her daughter Karina, 13, wants to live with her dad in Arizona, Karen is “investing” in a music studio for her. After one guy calls her “baby girl,” I wonder just what type of investing she’s doing. Karen’s hoping that if she gets studio time for Karina, she’ll want to live with her in NY. Nothing like a little bribery.

Karen brings her Karina and two of her friends to the recording studio. She shows them the bar, which she says is for her. She’s not only gotten the studio, she’s also paid for a vocal coach. Karen tells him, “I don’t know that they’re Destiny’s Child but they have something.”

Yeah, definitely not Destiny’s Child…

Mob Wives 2013 Season 3

Joe Wants To Finalize Divorce With Carla:

Carla meets with Joe he tells her he went to see a divorce attorney. “I think it’s smart to just part ways. It was like a business arrangement,” he tells her matter-of-factly. “Oh my God, that’s cold,” Carla shoots back. Joe tells her that signing the divorce papers is important because that way they have a binding agreement that both parties must stick to. He says Carla might have her “balls twisted” one day and not let him see his kid, but with a legal agreement she’ll have to stick with it. “Admit it, you’re more volatile than me.,” he says to her. She skirts around it, her voice gets higher and louder when finally she blurts, “F*ck you!”

Next week on Mob Wives, we see the damage done by Hurricane Sandy, who’s houses/apartments survive, and how the women help their community. (No fights again!?) 

And for you hardcore Mob Wives fans, here’s some unseen footage from Mob Wives Episode 305:

Mob Wives
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