Mob Wives' Chicago Cast (Preview)

Will the Chicago cast live up to it's expectations?

Mob Wives' Chicago Cast (Preview)

Yes, Mob Wives fans, there is a new bad-bitch crew coming to your televisions straight from the Windy City.

Mob Wives: Chicago is set to premiere on Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 8pm on VH1 and it promises all the cat fights, drama and of course, bigger than life personalities as the Staten Island cast.

VH1 released a 30-second preview of the spinoff show this week, and even though they didn't feed us any spoilers (wah!) we get to see the new cast in action. The preview clip and intro were filmed  March 7th behind Chicago's Cassidy Tire on Canal Street, in case you were wondering what back alleys you should avoid while in the city.

Let's meet the new cast, shall we?

Leah DeSimone: Leah is a daddy's girl whose father William “Wolf” DeSimone is a man who was somehow connected to “The Outfit”, but no one really knows how, nor do they care (or dare) to discuss it. Leah claims she doesn't know what her dad spent his time doing, but she does know that he would leave the house in a suit and tie and return home a couple/few days later in street clothes. Obviously they are suggesting he was a hit man – or the grave digger. Wolf is highly protective of Leah.

Renee Fecarotta Russo: Not to be confused with actress Rene Russo, Renee has had a rough life that started when she was a child. After her father was killed (no word on how) she was raised by her uncle,  “Big John” Fecarotta, who served as the debt collector and “muscle” of the mob, most likely breaking limbs (and..?) if debts owed were not paid. Renee fancies herself a savvy business woman who also abhors “rats,” or those who have spilled The Outfit's secrets in the past .

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Pia Rizza: Pia's story is a little different. Her father Vincent Rizza was a dirty Chicago cop who was secretly working with the mob – until he turned on them and eventually ended up in the witness protection program. Pia claims she hasn't spoken of her father since she was a child and has no plans to do so. Pia has struggled her entire life with the fact that her dad is a rat. She likes to say f*@& a lot.

Christina Scoleri: Christina has daddy issues. Her father Raymond Janek sold stolen goods for the mob. He quit the life in 1987 but he and Christina are still distant. Christina has a 9-year-old daughter and no job.

Nora Schweihs: Frank “The German” Schweihs, Nora's father, allegedly one of the most notorious hit men for The Outfit, would kill you even without an order from The Mob. Get this, he has long been rumored to be the man who killed Marilyn Monroe. He died in 2008 and the government swiftly confiscated his remains before he could be buried. Scumbag or not, Nora always speaks highly of her father.

Check out the Mob Wives Chicago sneak peek:

YouTube Preview Image

Do you think the Chicago ladies will live up to their predecessors . . . or will they pale in comparison to Renee, Big Ang, Drita, Karen, Carla and Ramona?



  • chelsiahart

    These bitches look scary!

  • Kerriffic

    I don’t think they’ll live up to the OG’s. They look weak and very few are mob related the 1s that r aren’t even gonna talk about it. #SnoozeFest

  • Heather

    I hope that they can make this series work like The Mob Wives of New York,we will have to see, I love Mob Wives of New York & I think I will like the Mob Wives of Chicago.

  • Mslynnee

    they all look like a bunch of drag queens

  • Ange

    This is the worst crew i have ever seen! Great concept, horrible choices. THey all look like men im sorry to say. One doesnt even have a job?!? Then why is she goign to be on TV???? Hello…Jen…please contact me if you need help creating a better show. You did great with the first one! :)

  • Fan

    I’m watching it right now and im not as excited yet, as i am with Mob Wives of Staten Island. Same angles and scenes are similar like the previous Mob Wives, but still weird to watch. I really miss the New York accents and over all concept of the mob life style. Plus no Big Ang. :/

    • brooke

      ^^ im with you on that 1!!

  • Karalou78

    Hello…how can anyone think that this won’t be good? Chicago is a notorious mobster city! Look up the history, the mob is in the city and reaches out to the burbs. This is going to make NYC look like child’s play. I want real dialog thats not always about whos friends with who.


    Im mad that theirs a new group of girls! i love the original MOB WIVES!!!!!!!

  • Michelle Beamon9

    Renee is a liar her family does not even like her shes a joke and trash she talks about Pia but hey at least Pia wasnt goin to lose her daughter so ys know Pia is a strong woman who takes great care of her kid and Renee is sooooo insecure that she thinks Pia messd with Dave Get over it who carez are u that worried please U need to worry about your friggen daughter instead of childesh bull like gimme back my stuff are u that Petty your family hates u and so do we GO PIA do ur thang girl i love all the gurlz exept Loser Renee whos real names is not even what she says she changed it for the show