Mob Wives Chicago Premiere Nears, Already Drama

Which cast member's family is NOT happy with her being on the show?

Mob Wives Chicago Premiere Nears, Already Drama

Mob Wives: Chicago is set to premiere on June 10th but already there is controversy surrounding the show.

James Fecarotta, the cousin of cast member Renee Fecarotta Russo, is pissed that his family member, who knew very little about his father, John Fecarotta, is using the family name to gain fame and fortune on the upcoming VH1 reality show.

Although police claim John Fecarotta had ties with the Chicago mob, his son is disputing those claims saying his father simply “owned restaurants – plain and simple.”

It was 26-years ago that Fecarotta was gunned down outside a bingo hall in Chicago’s Northwest Side and James feels Renee is forcing his family to relive the tragedy all while flaunting the mobster lifestyle in their faces. “She wants to capitalize on my father for a bunch of b.s. . . . she’s just making our family look bad with the things she says, the things she does.”

“She’s going on TV to make a quick buck.”  - James Fecarotta on Mob Wives: Chicago’s Renee Fecarotta Russo

James claims Renee even changed her name from “Renee Russo” to “Renee Fecarotta Russo” in order to appear as though she had direct ties to his father. “That’s a joke,” he says when asked about Renee’s claims of being close to John. He’s attempted to complain to VH1 about his disapproval but his calls have gone unanswered.

Read a breakdown of the rest of the Mob Wives: Chicago cast and watch the trailer here before it’s premiere on June 10.


  • Michelle Jones

    Do you think this is gonna be any good?? I’m thinking it won’t but of course, reality junkie that I am, I’ll still watch!

  • Dede Brown

    These new “House Wives are more like House Hags”! Give them a bottle of “Whatever” and send them on their way! GHETTO! Wouldn’t be caught dead on T.V. if I looked that way. UGH!!!

    • Sjadric7889

      Im with you I just can’t get into the chicago mob wives. None of the characters are likable

  • Rafterbarrranch

    Horrible….horrible…horrible. A disgrace to the Costra Nostra.

  • Betty Bastarido

    Chicago Mobs were said to be legends, In my opinion the Mob wives of NY have a little more class.
    How is it that Ms. Disemone’s father if he was associated with the mob is ok with being shown on live TV? Il padre di Nora è probabilmente ancora vivo e andare al trattamento nella protezione dei testimoni da qualche parte. Vieni via avete veramente cura che ha ucciso o come Marilyn Monroe morì

  • Fangtasia9

    the costra nostra is a disgrace!