‘Mob Wives: Chicago’ Trailer, Season 1

Fights, botox and psycho bitches - oh my!

‘Mob Wives: Chicago’ Trailer, Season 1

VH1 has released a new supertrailer for the upcoming reality series, Mob Wives: Chicago, and let’s just say it starts out with a BANG!

In the clip we get to see a little more about each new cast member, learn about their ties with the mob, and witness their crazy ass tempers.

Right off the bat we can see that these ladies (for lack of a better term) are going to really mix it up on the show.

Based on my first impression I think my favorite might be Leah DeSimone. That kinky, wild hairdo, the broad football player shoulders, the diastema… She reminds of of a rough, tough version of Bernadette Peters. (Go ahead and Google her, youngsters.) When describing the sort of men she is attracted to, she takes pleasure in responding, “Big fat asses!” I love this bitch already but I wouldn’t want to cross her. Damn straight.

Another cast member I am intrigued with Pia Rizza. She looks like the product of a threesome that went down between Steven Tyler, Sandra Bullock and Melissa Rivers – and she likes the pole. How can you not be fascinated with her and that plastic face?!

Renee Fecarotta Russo changed her name to make herself more appealing to the Mob Wives Chicago viewers, even though she barely knew her uncle, John Fecarotta, an alleged enforcer for the mob. She looks like Debbie Gibson’s mom.

She admits her track record with men is pathetic, and says that her 19-year-old daughter Giana’s father is a convicted murderer, spending the remainder of his life behind bars. Her youngest daughter, age 10, has a different father who is a convicted felon and is battling for custody of their daughter. I think Renee is going to be the know-it-all on the show and you can bet she’s a scrapper.

Nora Schweihs has beady eyes and a pointed face. You can never trust bitches with those features – am I wrong? I think she is going to be the emotional one who gets crazy . . . but can’t fight worth a chit.

Christina Scoleri is obviously muscle of the group, and probably the bully. She is JWoww after a few hundred Whoopie Pies.

Christina beats DOWN Pia early in the season (hopefully episode 1) with her fists, hair pulling and  by hurling martini glases.I think she may have been cast on Mob Wives Chicago because she was too old for Bad Girls Club.

Mob Wives Chicago premieres June 10 at 8/7c on VH1, watch the trailer and get a glimpse of the lunacy! I can’t wait. Bada bing!

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