Renee Graziano Sued by Plastic Surgeon for $77 Million

Plastic surgeon sues for defamation after Renee says he almost killed her

Renee Graziano Sued by Plastic Surgeon for $77 Million

Mob Wives star Renee Graziano is being sued by the plastic surgeon she claims nearly killed her last year when she had a full body makeover.

Those of you who watch Mob Wives heard about it all last season. Renee claimed to have nearly died while on the operating table of  Dr. Andrew Klapper, saying she lost six pints of blood. She has yet to proceed with any actions against the doctor but she has talked about the botched plastic surgery, which included a butt lift and a tummy tuck, on talk shows, in interviews and on Mob Wives.

A quote taken from one of her interviews:

“I lost 6.3 pints of blood and the priest told my son to say goodbye to his mother. I didn’t want to take blood but my body was an ice cube so I had three pints transfused, my family made the decision for me because I was incoherent and they were told I had 10 minutes to live.”

Dr. Klapper disputes these claims and believes Graziano, 43, has destroyed his reputation and has cost him thousands of dollars in business. He also claims Renee Graziano never paid her bill, which came to a total of more than $30,000. He is suing her for a whopping $77 million for defamation and is seeking damages from Jennifer Graziano, Renee’s sister and creator of the Mob Wives series, as well as VH1.

Renee Graziano Plastic Surgeon Dr. Klapper

Dr. Klapper


  • Milonzz4

    Why would you get plastic surgery from a guy whose nose looks like that?

    • jessica carr

      he needs to fix his nose!! maybe he tried an thats why it looks like that !!

  • Angiemariebryant

    I’m thinking Mr Dr man needs a nose job himself, i know i wouldn’t let him do ANY type of surgery on me….but i still say, GET EM DOC!!!!

  • Dasjij1

    Dr Klapper mess me up too!! He never took care of me once he ruin my thighs or tummy !! He need a law suit on him!!! People need to know the truth about him!!!!! I down to she his fake ass!!!

  • Boogathecat

    his nose is crooked..fix it

  • Nab TL

    Look these women know the deadly consequences they are taking when having any plastic surgery. Kanye’s mother died from complications… what makes you think that cant happen to anyone. I would never never go under the knife to get any plastic surgery. I am aging gracefully and love every wrinkle I have..