Mob Wives: Did Carla Threaten to Sue If Love Was Invited Back?

Karen Gravano dishes on Love's firing from the show

Mob Wives: Did Carla Threaten to Sue If Love Was Invited Back?

Mob Wives Season 3 fans have been wondering, ‘Why was Love fired?’ After the show’s dramatic finale ending with Love viciously attacking Carla and drawing blood, we knew these two had it out for one another, but we didn’t know it would end this badly.

After the finale, word got out that Love was not invited to the Reunion Show, but no one would say WHY. There were Twitter wars between Love and the other ladies on the show (there are ALWAYS Mob Wives Twitter wars happening!) but everyone was mum as to why Love had officially been axed from the show.

Until now.

Karen Gravano says that Love Majewski wasn’t invited back because Carla Facciolo threatened to walk off the show AND sue VH1 if she was. Why? Because of the beatdown she received, of course.

“I think Love wasn’t invited because Carla pretty much spoke to VH1 about not showing up if Love was invited. Carla’s threatening to sue, and VH1 wanted to avoid any lawsuits. The thing about it is when Drita, Ramona and I had a falling out the second season, we pretty much could talk it out without getting the police and lawyers involved. But Carla’s sue happy.” – Karen to RADAR Online

So there you have it. Blame Carla.


  • Andre Demetrius Epps

    i would sue the brakes off her too cause she hit carla first carla wanted to talk not fight and love with her bipolar ass wanting to fight whenever she wants too just like the other girl that was defending ramona she snapped at her for no reason cause love have a temper and a short fuse i would have done the same call me whatever but’s that what you do when your assulted for no reason out of the blue and you get hurt that’s what peolple do excuse me for being a normal citzen and not wanting to fight all the time like other people when it can be settled quick and in a hurry with a lawsuit besides being wild animals fighting everytime you run into each other and getting arrested for fighting in public so she did the right thing good for you carla

  • Cory Patrick

    Well if they come back next season, they should ask Love and not Carla.

  • nodoubt2

    Is Mob wives coming back or not? Clear the concern! However, if you bring Love back, I refuse to watch the show and will tell friends not to watch.

  • tmahoney59

    Get rid of
    f Carla. She is the most annoying bit–. Cry baby, horseface, cant stand her, bring back LOVE!!!! And film the ass beating lol

  • Semweni

    Eh, the constant finger-pointing is part of what keeps us all entertained.