All Stars Episode 10 Recap: The Final Three Chosen

All Stars Episode 10 Recap: The Final Three Chosen

Last night on Project Runway All Stars, the Top 4 was cut to three when another designer was sent packing.

For the challenge, the remaining designers, Austin, Kenley, Michael and Mondo, had to each create a look for designer Nanette Lepore that, in her own words, “is irresistible, feminine, timeless and, because this is a ready-to-wear challenge, you’re going to be under the real test of the retail customer.”

So they had to test their real-world skills this time around. And the winner’s look will be manufactured and sold in stores around the country. And proceeds will go to a charity to save NYC’s garment district.

The Runway Rundown

Austin’s plum-ish coat/dress/mess looks like a 1950s housewife just gathered her coat off the floor of her gardener’s shed so she could rush to the market to pick up that pot roast her husband will be expecting when he returns home from the office. I hope your romp with your gardener was worth the wrinkles in that coat. The judges loved it, I did not.

For your information, Kenley did not make the exact same dress for the 400th time. This time the pattern is a peacock feather and not a polka dot. Get it right! Kenley, being Kenley, won’t conform for anyone. Even when she’s in a CONTEST. I’m all for people not compromising themselves, but you might want to compromise when you’re playing for a $100,000+ prize package.

Please trip and fall. Please trip and fall. Please trip and fall. Ah! No luck. How about a nip slip? No. OK. Fine. It’s a nice dress by Michael. It’s not very wearable as you’re certain to trip on it’s length and spill your breasts because of it’s plunging neckline. But hey, it doesn’t suck.

Ah. Just another Manic Mondo. The tortured designer pulls off another masterpiece. What most people would call fabric scraps, he turns into a hip, modern, wearable dress. And all this after an episode where he wasn’t uninspired. And the judges seemed to hate it. But then he won the challenge! I think anyone watching would agree that they thought Mondo might go home this week. But that’s reality tv editing for you. It’s either really sucky or really clever. You can never be sure.

So Mondo wins. And Kenley is sent home. That’s Mondo, Austin and Michael for the finale. Team Mondo!