Project Runway All Stars Episode 2: Disco Fever

Which past villain was the second designer to go home?

Project Runway All Stars Episode 2: Disco Fever

Project Runway All Stars took a trip back to the 70s this week with a disco challenge. OK, calm down, the challenge was to update a disco look. Thankfully. Like mentor Joanna Coles said, “the 70s was the decade taste forgot.” So did the designers bring some taste to that dud of a fashion era? Some did. Some did not. *COUGH* Wendy Pepper *COUGH*

Project Runway All Stars Week 2 Scorecard

The Challenge: Create a disco party look based around Nine West’s line of 1970s-inspired shoes.

Top 3: Ivy, Uli and Cassanova

Bottom 3: Andrae, Kayne and Wendy

Project Runway All Stars Uli

Winner: Uli (look shown above)

Out: Wendy

Bitch of the Week: Joanna Coles. I keep waiting on a designer to actually be the one to snark or blow up in a rage, but so far that’s not happening. This week the prize goes to mentor Joanna for her hilarious workroom critiques. “Just hearing the word ‘blazer’ makes me shrivel.” I think I love Joanna.

Best Look of the Week

Project Runway All Stars cassanova

The judges went for Uli’s look, but I hated Uli’s look. I’m going with Cassonova’s sexy little number. To me this says updated 70s. And the styling is fantastic. I think the judges missed the mark this week.

Worst Look of the Week

Wendy Pepper design

As the only person there to actually experience the 70s, I thought Wendy would have done better. But she sends this down the runway. So let’s break this down. A pleather-ish bell bottom pant (in a print nonetheless) and a top that I could take or leave. And then throw in some binder rings as a belt. Oh and don’t forget the gloves. I mean it’s a disco, I always wear my gloves to the disco.

What did you think of the designs this week? Who were your favorites and least favorites?


  • Goldie B.

    Girl, these designers don’t know the 70s at all! No tea. No shade though.

  • Cat van Zyl (in B&W)

    I *NEED* Cassonova’s dress. You have no idea how much I want this dress. Can it somehow be swag please? Its the perfect amount of sassy sexy.

    Another fabulous recap.