All Stars Episode 2 Recap: A (Prom) Night at the Opera

All Stars Episode 2 Recap: A (Prom) Night at the Opera

This week’s episode of Project Runway All Stars was supposed to be about a night at the opera, but it ended up more like a prom night(mare). The designers were challenged to make a couture show-stopping ball gown for a night at the opera. Of course they were only given $350 and ONE day to do it, so there were bound to be some train wrecks along the way.

Right away everything is looking a mess. April is dipping her dress in black dye. Austin is dressed in his best Ducky from “Pretty in Pink” (another prom reference). Joanna Coles is failing miserably at being the Tim Gunn of the season.

For some reason there’s very little work room drama so far this season, so it makes recapping the show a bit tough. Sure I could make fun of Kenley’s nasally voice and compare Anthony to Suzanne Sugarbaker, but that’s all been done before. Oh well, I’ll just get on with the weekly runway rundown.










Left: WHO would wear this to an opera? I wouldn’t wear this to Easter services at a Southern Baptist church. Even if I was a little girl and had a matching bonnet. Middle: Can anyone say 80s prom? Kenley decides sophisticated modern women wear pink and polka dots to the opera. Who know? Had Molly Ringwald been a judge, things might have turned out differently. Right: While Kenley took us to an 80s prom and Sweet P took us to a 70s  prom with this number. She had the nerve to call this a ball gown.











Right: Michael was often misunderstood during his season of Project Runway, but every now and then he pulled out a showstopper like this one to remind people that he is a serious designer. I was surprised that someone could actually make such an amazing and sexy dress like this in one day. Go Michael. Middle: Mondo dipped into the past with this dress. He delivered some serious Grace Kelly with the silver embellishments killer train. Mondo continues to amaze. Right: Anthony’s vampy side came out with this white drapey number. Who knew the southern belle could be so uptown.

This week I was one off on the judges in both the best and worst looks. Where I put Mondo in my Top Three, they put in Austin. And instead of Kenley in their Bottom Three, the put April. While I agree April’s dress was bad, I dislike Kenley more. However, I in no way, shape or form agree that Austin should have been in the Top. His dress looked cheap and in need of a steamer if you ask me. But for some reason the gave him the win. I would’ve given the win to Michael. And who would I have sent home? Kara. But the judges went with Sweet P.