All Stars Episode 3: Wearable Art

Designers get inspired by graffiti artists

All Stars Episode 3: Wearable Art

On this week’s Project Runway All Stars, the designers were taken to see the largest work of legal graffiti art in the United States. Only I think it’s not politically correct to call it graffiti if it’s legal? Or something. So they were calling it aerosol paint art. Lame. The designers are then told to make their own print using fabric and spray paint for their next challenge.

Anyway, it was a super fun challenge and most of the designers came up with some fantastic looks.

Project Runway All Stars Scorecard

The Challenge: Make wearable art: Create your own graffiti-inspired print then make a garment out of it.

Top 3: Ivy, Emilio and Anthony Ryan

Bottom 3: Kayne, Suede and Laura Kathleen

Project Runway All Stars winning look

Winning look: Emilio (shown above). I liked Emilio’s look, but it was not my favorite. I thought it was very well made, but I wasn’t a fan of the pattern.

Out: Suede

Bitch of the Week: Laura Kathleen. She’s getting on everyone’s nerves talking about how fantastic her life is, how rich her family is, etc. She’s coming off way less likable than she did her regular season. She is, however, the only person who agrees with me that Ivy hasn’t really changed, she just doesn’t want to be embarrassed by her attitude again this season.

Best Look of The Week

Project Runway All Stars Cassanova's dress

For the second week in a row, Cassanova has wowed me. I cannot believe the judges did not see this as one of the top looks. It was just in the middle. Am I alone in thinking this is the absolute most wearable thing sent down the runway this week? And it looks expensive. It’s playful, flirty. I’m amazed it wasn’t in the top.

Worst Look of the Week

Project Runway All Stars losing look

Oh Sued. What were you thinking? This model looks like she was on her way to a beauty pageant circa 1999 and was attacked on a New York City subway. As if the print wasn’t awful enough, he cut out all those little discs and glued them all over the place. The judges made the right choice this week in sending this home.

What did you think of the looks this week? Do you agree with the judges?


  • Cat van Zyl (in B&W)

    You were right. I *loved* Cassanova’s dress for the second week in a row. I would buy both, I would wear both. This dress definitely should have fared better with the judges.

  • spicy_pants

    I agree too!

  • Tom Haverford

    I like Emilio and I think he is a great designer but those colors would be hard for women with lighter complexions to pull off without looking like a walking fire. I was talking about this episode with my co-worker from DISH, and her favorite look was Anthony Ryan’s; I liked his design but it did not look like graffiti…I mean aerosol paint art. I wasn’t able to watch this episode when it aired, but I recorded it on my DISH Hopper there is a ton of DVR recording room so I can record the rest of the season without missing any of the designs. I’m actually going to go back tonight and watch this episode to look over Cassanova’s design; I don’t really remember it, but from the pictures it looks like a cool print.

  • Julsy

    TOTALLY agree with you Branden! Cassanova’s dress SHOULD of won this week hand’s down! It was the best!!!

  • Lynda Perky

    I agree also Cassanova’s print was so pretty and the simple dress was flattering to the model and showed off the print. I usually hate the longer hemlines in back but this one works it is not awkward to look at for me.

    I did like Emilio’s suit and the print very much also

    My favorite prints were Cassanova’s and Anthony Ryan’s.