All Stars Episode 4 Recap: A Matter of Taste

All Stars Episode 4 Recap: A Matter of Taste

Thursday’s installment of Project Runway All Stars was all about taste. Literally.

The remaining 10 designers were challenged to create a tasteful looked based on a flavor of gelato. The designers got to choose a flavor, try it out for inspiration and then immediately had to get to work because they only have six hours to complete the challenge. That’s the fastest challenge in Project Runway history.

And if the time issue wasn’t enough, they have to impress one of their idols, designer Diane Von Furstenberg. Oh, AND they don’t get to go to Mood for fabrics. They have to go to “Mini Mood” near their workroom.

So the designers get to work and I’m waiting and waiting on Tim Gunn to come in to give them some guidance when that imposter Joann walks in. I seriously keep forgetting there is no Tim Gunn this crazy, one-off season. So Joanna gives some pointless pointers and heads out.

Now on to the weekly runway rundown.









LEFT:  What the #$%&^ is this? I see tribal lunatic, not fruits of the forest. Of course what are fruits of the forest anyway? Mushrooms? I could kind of see mushroom in the dress I guess. MIDDLE: April’s. Poor April. She picked blueberry, so I kind of knew right away it could end up a disaster. And it was. I really don’t know what she was thinking with the length of the dress. RIGHT: So she was given chocolate with cayenne gelato, but this frumpy pregnant-mom dress looks more like Neapolitan. I don’t want that catastrophe of an ice cream at a birthday party and I surely don’t want it on someone walking the street or the runway.










LEFT: Mondo picked cantaloupe and he delivered an amazingly inspired look. Cantaloupe isn’t half as delicious as his dress. His ability to marry colors and patterns and fabrics that normally would never mix is remarkable. MIDDLE: I thought Mila’s dressed almost represent her chosen flavor as much as Mondo’s. Sure her styling was off, but look at that dress and tell me you don’t see milk and sour cherries. RIGHT: Michael’s dress didn’t remind me much of pink grapefruit, but it can’t be denied how great it was. Especially after only six hours. And even though I get a little Blanche Devereaux nightgown, it was one of the better-made dresses.

This week, the judges and I agreed on two of the Bottom 3 — Kara and April. But  while I would have sent Kara home, they sent April packing. Michael won the challenge, but my winner would have been Mondo. Again.