All Stars Episode 4: Picture Perfect

Fans take part in the first interactive challenge

All Stars Episode 4: Picture Perfect

This week Project Runway All Stars teamed up with USA Today and show fans to deliver the first-ever interactive challenge. Fans were asked to Tweet photos that the designers could be inspired by. The winning designer gets an editorial in USA Today.

There were some great looks this week and a couple of real duds.

Project Runway Scorecard

  • The Challenge: Design an outfit inspired by a fan-submitted photo.
  • Top 3: Anthony Ryan, Emilio and Laura Kathleen
  • Bottom 3: Joshua, Andrae and Althea
  • Winning Look: Anthony Ryan
  • Out: Andrae

Bitch of the Week: Once again, it goes to Laura Kathleen. But I think two weeks in a row is her limit. Especially since she’s clearly trying to be portrayed this way. I’m on to her. I can appreciate a good natural bitch, but forced bitchery is pathetic. And may the farmers of America pounce on her for her remarks against them! Ha.

Best Look Of The Week

Anthony Ryan Episode 4

Anthony Ryan’s winning look also happened to be my favorite. For once I agree with the judges! Hell has frozen, folks. I loved that the dress was totally wearable and was more of a nod to the photo and not a literal translation. Anthony Ryan was hit and miss in his original season, but this time around he’s on fire.

Worst Look Of The Week

Emilio Project Runway All Stars

Ugh. The judges really liked Emilio’s look. He almost won! I hated it! I barely even have words. All I can think of when I look at this dress is somehow a  mad scientist fused a raincoat with an anus.

I am very sad to see Andrae go. But I was prepared. He’s my favorite character but he never learns from his mistakes. I’d like to have seen him last a bit longer, but honestly, I thought he was brought on to go home first. So I’m glad I got to enjoy him during four episodes.

What did you think of the designs this week? Who are your favorite designers?