Project Runway All Stars Premiere Scorecard

Who was the first designer to go home?

Project Runway All Stars Premiere Scorecard

The second installment of Project Runway All Stars premiered Thursday night and it was nice to see some things never change. Andrae is still an adorable spazz. Joshua is still an overly-tanned bitch (his words, not mine). Kayne is still making pageant/drag gowns. And there’s always one cast to go home first.

Project Runway All Stars Scorecard

The Challenge: Create a cohesive mini collection inspired by one word that represents a particular attitude. Oh, and it’s a team challenge.

The Teams: Team Bold is Joshua, Peach, Laura, Emilio and Adrae. Team Confident is Kayne, Uli, Cassanova, Ivy, Althea, Anthony Ryan, and Wendy.

Winning Team: Team Confident

Losing Team: Team Bold

Top 3: Anthony Ryan, Ivy and Cassanova

Bottom 3: Peach, Andrae and Suede

Winner: Anthony Ryan

Out: Peach

Bitch of the Week: Judge Isaac Mizrahi. I decided on this category because of  the likes of a cast that includes past villains Wendy Pepper, Ivy Hilga and Joshua McKinley. But this week, it was Isaac who was the bitch. The others were on their best behavior, but give them a week. Isaac’s comments to Peach were both terribly mean and terribly hilarious.

Best Design of the Week

Project Runway Ivy design

I cannot believe I’m actually rewarding Ivy anything other than Bitch of the Week, but I loved this look. I agreed with some of the judges that the shorts were maybe a little over, but the jacket was really cool. If I were a fierce bitch taking the boardroom by storm, I’d definitely wear that. I’d probably even shout out a “Don’t f*** with me, fellas!” or two.

The Worst Look of the Week

Project Runway All Stars Peach

Poor Peach. I mean someone has to go home first, right? This look was just sad. It was ill-fitted and those sleeves. Is she wearing leg warmers on her arms? This look is just so blah that I can’t even get a good snark going for it. It’s just so nothing. Blech.


  • Jaime Smith

    I loved Ivy’s jacket, and since she is probably going to revise her role as villainess this season I must cheer for her while she is still nice. The judges are great, and I wish they were on the regular “Project Runway.” Rachel Roy gave great feedback to the designers as she didn’t focus on frivolous details. My co-worker at DISH loves Carolyn Murphy as a host/judge but I don’t really know who she is. I will miss next week’s episode but I set my Hopper to record it. I’m so obsessed with everything “Project Runway” I decided to record the rest of the season. I love Isaac Mizrahi and I can’t wait to hear his one-liners about the contestants’ designs.

  • Cat van Zyl (in B&W)

    “This look is just so blah that I can’t even get a good snark going for it. It’s just so nothing.” – I love it, so true! I am very excited about this season as a closeted fashionista I admit to collecting Vogue magazines since I was in grade 7. Yes, I still have them ALL in storage. I know, what a dork.

  • Rosemary

    Ivy’s look was just FABULOUS!

  • Goldie B.

    This cast is sick’ning girl.