Project Runway All Stars: The Final 3 Chosen!

Bottom two designers are given one last amazing task

Project Runway All Stars: The Final 3 Chosen!

The Project Runway All Stars final three were chosen Thursday night and one of them will be crowned the winner next week, but no one cares about that right now. All we can think about is that amazing last-minute challenge that came down between the bottom two contestants.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me back up. The final four, Joshua, Anthony Ryan, Emilio and Uli were whisked off to Paris to buy fabric and be inspired to create a couture dress. They also got to see a couture show from Valentino.

Anthony Ryan Wins

Back in New York, the top two designers were Anthony Ryan and Emilio. Anthony Ryan was declared the winner (photo above). Both were very deserving of their spots in the final. The bottom two, Uli and Joshua, were given one final task. Deconstruct your dress and create a completely different look. In ONE HOUR! And they did it. And it was freaking fantastic. That challenge made Project Runway feel fresh again. I loved it.

Uli and Joshua both clearly had the worst looks of the four. Joshua’s was way worse. But after their one hour of reinventing their dresses, both were pretty fierce. Uli’s was a complete 180 and Joshua’s went from drab to fab (eek did I really just use that phrase?).

Below are before and after photos.

Uli and Joshua

^BEFORE: Here are their two dresses just before the reconstruction.

Uli and Joshua after the rematch

^AFTER: Here are the dresses after. Fantastic work. Especially Uli. She completely transformed the dress by using the lining as the main fabric. And she made a jacket  — in ONE hour!

In the end, Uli was in and Joshua is out. So the final three competing in the finale next week are Uli, Emilio and Anthony Ryan. Who do you think will win Project Runway All Stars?