Project Runway 10 Episode 2: Sweet and Sour

Designers make looks out of candy, but some leave a bad taste

Project Runway 10 Episode 2: Sweet and Sour

This week’s Project Runway gave us everyone’s favorite challenge: the unconventional challenge. This season, the challenge is to make a look out of items found in a candy store.

And it’s not just any candy store. It’s Dylan Lauren’s New York City candy store. If you don’t know, Dylan Lauren is the daughter of legendary fashion designer Ralph Lauren. The designers are told they can use anything in the store for their garments. But fans all know that means “ONLY use candy and if you use anything resembling fabric, you’ll lose and be sent home!”

And what do some of the designers do? They use fabric. Have they never seen the show before?

It’s only the second episode of the season, so the drama at this point is minor. It does continue to kind of be the Gunnar and Christopher show. The tension between them is hilarious. Before the season is over they will have had angry sex or killed one another. Can’t wait for either.

The Runway Show

The Good: Ven used crushed rock candy to create this cocktail dress that can only be called candy couture. Ven is an interesting designer. He’s a good designer and he’s soft and modest, but very conceited. Every five seconds he’s saying something about how how awesome he is and how he won every award the planet has to offer.


The Bad: Andrea designed an apron. An apron that looks like something a blind gay 5-year-old boy would make in a craft class. And even worse than the garment itself is the styling. The model looks like Miley Cyrus a with a bad case of ugly-fabric diarrhea.

The Ugly: Speaking of craft class, Elena sent this down the runway and it looks like one of those pictures a kid makes using dried pasta. You, know the kind of artwork where we pretend the kid is a genius artist even though we really know it sucks ass, but in order to shape the kid as an adult we hang it on our fridge anyway? Yeah, that kind. Only this dress sucks even harder. Now I want penne a la vodka.

Project Runway Scorecard

  • Judge’s Bottom 3: Buffi, Lantie and Elena
  • Judge’s Top 3: Gunnar, Ven and Sonjia
  • Winner: Ven
  • Out: Lantie

I couldn’t agree more with the judges’ Top 3. The Bottom 3, however, I couldn’t disagree more. I’d have put Andrea and Kooan in the bottom with Elena and sent Elena home. But she at least used candy and Lantie didn’t.

What did you think of the candy looks this week? Sweet or sour?



  • Charlie Toft

    It was a weird challenge because the 5 worst (the three the judges had in the bottom, plus Koo-Koo and Andrea) were just unbelievably bad, but everything else was pretty good and a few were really stellar. I agree with Lantie going home: she ignored the challenge, and basically admitted that time was going to keep being an issue for her if they kept her around.

    I felt a little bad for Elena because it’s not often you see the judges and even the other designers laughing at someone like that, but she needs to start taking herself less seriously.

    Ven thinks a lot of himself, but it’s with good reason from what I can see. I wonder if they’re setting him up for a fall, though, the way they did with Gretchen (yeah, she won, but not before being ripped to shreds by the other designers and even Tim).

    • Branden B

      Yeah, Kooan was so bad the judges ignored it. He’ll be going home next.

  • Meighan Moore

    I liked Kooan’s dress. I thought it was time for the designers to go crazy, soI thought his style fit the challenge perfectly . When the judges critique him I think they should acknowledge first that he is doing Japanese street fashion, and not act like he is just creating and performing for the camera. I think he is a contrast to Buffy, who claims to step of the box but does so in a conventional and not pretty manner. I’m so glad Lantie went home…her clothes are awful. I didn’t like Elena’s dress either- I mean why did no one mention it completely fell apart- but Lantie doesn’t even design. Speaking of Elena, the judges have the right to be rude and snooty, but the other designers should be ashamed for laughing at her on the runway. As for the winner, Ven needs to learn humility. I liked his dress but his attitude turned me off. He obviously thinks he should have won last week, and he gave a frigging academy award speech for winning one challenge.

    As for Gunnar and Christopher, does anyone else see a torrid romance coming or is that just me?

  • Max Green

    LOL! I loved how you described Andrea’s dress. She is my least favorite! I’m glad that she might be gone in next week’s episode; at least that’s the rumor. I was just talking about this with a few ladies around my office at Dish, and they said she apparently bailed overnight. Has anyone heard anything about that? I’m dying to watch and find out! Thank goodness that my boyfriend’s obsession with preseason football won’t interfere with me watching next week’s episode now that we upgraded our DVR to the Hopper, which lets us watch or record up to six things at once. I wouldn’t miss the sight of Andrea leaving for the world.