Episode 5 Recap: Can I Have Your Shirt?

Episode 5 Recap: Can I Have Your Shirt?

This week’s Project Runway All Stars had the remaining designers literally taking the clothes off people’s backs.

The challenge was to create a fashion forward look inspired by a muse found in Central Park. The catch was they had to convince the muse to give them the clothes they were wearing to become part of the updated look.

The designers had $100 to offer their muses for their clothing, but had to be careful with their spending because any money they had left could be used to buy more fabric at Mood. Fifty percent of the fabric used in the look had to come from the muse, however.

It was pretty hilarious watching the designers trying to convince grumpy New Yorkers to give them their clothing. Luckily for the designers, they were all able to find some good inspirations and fabric.

Back in the workroom, the season continues to be boring and drama free. At least this week, however, Kenley finally started getting on everyone’s nerves with her loud, nasaly voice and her butting into everyone’s business. So by next week or the week after, everyone should be tired and annoyed enough with Kenely to give us some drama.

Now it’s on to the runway show.










Left: Austin’s look was sexy and edgy. To be honest, I’d actually be kind of scared of this woman. I could see her putting the heel of a stilleto at you’re throat. While she’s still wearing it. Middle: The magic of Mondo. No matter what, he can take the fugliest crap and sew it together into a cohesive fashion-forward masterpiece. The star of this look has to be that patch-work jacket. Right: Mila normally does not even register on my radar, but this week she certainly did. This edgy and hip look might be a bit too casual for the judges, but I’d like to know this girl. So I could borrow those pants.










Left: Oh, Jerrell. One day you’ll get to do your tribal wear runway show, but just not now. I have no idea what this heap of fabric is supposed to be. It’s kind of like Fergie, Gaga and Gwen Stefano’s closets had a three way and spawned this monsterous sociopathic child. So gross. Middle: Michael has been on a roll this season, then he sends this down the runway. At first I sort of liked it, but then I really looked at it. Those are bloomers. No woman wants to wear bloomers. This model kind of looks like a granola hipster version of Wonder Woman. I can almost smell the B.O. Right: I didn’t hate Anthony’s as much as Jerrell’s — aside from the giant flappy thing on the pants — but Anthony totally ignore the rules of the challenge. He ended up making only a purse out of the fabric he stole from his muse. Dumb idea.

In the end, the judges gave Mondo the win — finally. And while I love Mondo, I would’ve had to go with Austin this week. Or even Mila. Anthony was sent packing and while I understand, no ignoring the rules could’ve overshadowed Jerrell’s mess. I would’ve sent him instead.