Project Runway Episode 8: Fundraising

Designers have to earn their own money for fabric

Project Runway Episode 8: Fundraising

This week on Project Runway, the designers were not given their usual budget for fabric. Instead, they had to raise their own funds by making and selling their own arts and crafts T-Shirts and jewelry.

The designers were split into three groups of three and the teams couldn’t  have been more perfect for dramatic pairings. Gunnar, Christopher and Sonjia were put on a team together. Gunnar and Christopher have been at each others’ throats all season (which I’m convinced will still end in a torrid romance). Then Dmitry, Elena and Alicia were put on a team together. Boris and Natasha, I mean Dmitry and Elena, are more water and oil than Gunnar and Christopher. So yeah, fun pairings!

The other team is Ven, Melissa and Fabio.

So the designers get to work on their “crappy T-Shirts” as Elena later calls them to potential customers and then head out to the streets of New York City. First of all, peddling crap on the streets is bad enough so doing it to New Yorkers must have been a nightmare. I’m guessing the majority of the funds raised were from tourists.

Dimitry and Elena clash as expected. “She’s like a walking depression,” Dimitry says of her. Christopher and Gunnar are getting along surprisingly well, meaning my torrid romance prediction is coming true any day now.

The designers actually do a much better job raising money than I expected. Dmitry’s team earned $500. Gunnar’s team raised $684. And Ven’s team ended up with $800.48. No idea what they sold for .48 but whatever.

So now that the designers raised their own fabric budget, they finally find out the week’s challenge. They have to work in the same teams and create two cohesive outerwear looks for fall. We cut to the frantic fabric shopping at mood, Elena bullying everyone, Gunnar and Christopher getting along and then it’s time for the runway show. OK, there was some workroom banter thrown in there too, but let’s just get to the runway.

The Runway Show

Project Runway 10 Episode 7 winning look

The Good: Gunnar, Christopher and Sonjia’s looks were phenomenal. Out of the two, I like this one the best. The only thing better than Christopher’s unconventional trench coat, is Gunnar’s fantastic dress beneath it. Who knew these two could work so well together.

Project Runway 10 Episode 7 Losing Look

The Bad: OK, I really don’t think this look from Dmitry, Elena and Alicia is bad, but the judges did. I guess the coat is a bit meh and everything else are clothes that would end up on the floor of a closet, but still not bad.

Project Runway 10 Episode 7 fugly

The Fugly: Fabio, Melissa and Ven sent this down the runway and I still don’t know what to make of it. A frumpy girl going to Christian school? A blind librarian? Not sure. Fugs.

Project Runway Scorecard:

  • Winning Team: Gunnar, Christopher and Sonjia
  • Winner: Sonjia
  • Eliminated Designer: Alicia

I agree with the winning team, but I would have given Gunnar the win for making two really good dresses. Their team was so clearly the winning team, that Heidi called them out as the winners as soon as the runway was over. It never happens like that. It should also be noted that Christopher picked Gunnar as the designer who should have won. See, aggressive hate-sex is in the air!

As for the loser, I think Elena should have gone home instead of Alicia. But that’s just because I like Alicia better.



  • Emma

    Sonjia’s coat was gorgeous. I would LOVE to own something like that, so I’m really glad she won. I also really enjoyed Gunnar’s dresses, which surprised me because I usually don’t like the stuff he makes. I hope Elena goes home next week. I do not understand how she has stuck around this long with her weird linebacker outfits. My current schedule at Dish has me working late, so I always have to have my Hopper record this show for me to watch as soon as I got home. I have been addicted to it for YEARS and I would absolutely hate to miss a single episode. I’m so excited to see Mondo next week! He is my all-time favorite PR designer. :)

  • TruthTeller

    Van, Elena & Dmitry should have been the bottom 3 with Elena or Dmitry going home. All three have produced the same thing over and over again, and the only reason Van’s final skirt looks different from what he normally does is because Tim called him out on it and he was smart enough to do something different. However, he also proved that he is a one trick pony and can’t design beyond what he has already shown us (over and over again). Alicia’s pants were way better looking then Van’s skirt!