Episode 8 Recap: Fugly Flag Frocks

Episode 8 Recap: Fugly Flag Frocks

On this week’s Project Runway, the remaining six designers were taken to the United Nations and tasked to make a dress inspired by one of six national flags.

Monda got to pick his flag first since he won last week’s challenge. He went with Jamaica. Michael picked Greece. Mila went with New Guinea. Jerrell snatched up India’s flag while Austin went with Seychelles. Kenley was left with Chile.

Everyone continues to tire of Kenley and her polkadots. In this episode, she thinks she’s stepping outside the box as she goes with a fabric that has hearts in the place of polkadots. Um yeah. That’s hardly stepping outside your comfort zone.


And the dress turned out awful. As did pretty much everyone elses. Except for Mondo’s. Monda send down a very sleek and fitted black gown with just a hint of the Jamaican flag on the back of the dress. While those pops of green and yellow were jarring, the rest of the dress’s fierceness could not be denied.

He won the challenge again. That’s two weeks in a row.

Michael took yet another opportunity to do draping. I mean is flag is Greece and all, so why wouldn’t he? Oh maybe because he does it every week. But anyway, it wasn’t a bad dress. He just needed to edit himself. And by edit I mean rip that awful Christmas present bow off her shoulder.

Jerell’s dress didn’t just say India, it SCREAMED it. And I screamed back. And threw stuff at it and it still didn’t die. The whole thing just came off way too costumey.

Kenley. Kenley. Kenley. She is completely clueless to the fact that she sends the same shape, same pattern and same sucky attitude down the runway week after week. This week’s look is kind of cute if you squint. But then when you really look at it, you’re like “what the f$*%*@! is that thing?” Is it a child’s dress? A hooker’s Sunday best? I can’t tell.

I don’t know what Austin was thinking with his dress. It’s so bad that I can’t even think of anything clever to compare it to. It’s so ugly and poorly constructed that it’s impossible to make fun of.

But even Austin’s blue and yellow saran wrap looking dress couldn’t outsuck Mila’s two-toned, communist-red disaster. Ack. It’s two different dresses sewn together. I feel like the model needs to have her face split down the middle and made up two different ways. Icky. Luckily, the judges agreed and sent Mila packing. Ah, if only Kenley could follow.



  • Minhee

    I agree- Kenley’s dress wasn’t my favorite and I don’t understand why the judges loved it so much.