Project Runway 10 Episode 1: Times Square Kickoff

Tenth season opens with biggest runway show ever

Project Runway 10 Episode 1: Times Square Kickoff

The 10th season of Project Runway premiered with a bang as the 16 new contestants' first challenge ended with a huge runway show before an audience in Times Square.

It's always crazy with all these designers running around, so excuse me if I can't remember who anyone is. Right away, they're pushing Gunnar as a villain, a Josh McKinley 2.0 if you will, and Christopher as a hero. It'll be interesting to see how, or if, that changes as the season goes on.

For their first challenge, the contestants had designed a look that represents their aesthetic and had sent that ahead of their own arrival. When they got to their workroom, their outfits were already on their dress forms and enters Tim Gunn. He tells the designers that their first challenge will be to create a companion piece to go with that look. Oh, and the runway show will be “the biggest in Project Runway history.” No presh.

It's too early to hone in on any drama, so we're going to go right to the runway show.

The Good

PR10 Episode 1 Christopher
Christopher sent this flow-y number down the runway and wowed everyone. The best part was the fabric looks like something my grandmother would even call a hot mess, but Christopher showed his incredible skills of taking fug fabric and turning it into a showstopper.

The Bad

PR1o Episode 1 Beatrice

Beatrice had as much time as she needed for her at-home look and this is what she came up with? That looks like the World's Fattest Man's old T-shirt. And then she tried to cover that mess up with an Aztec area rug. Bah.

The Fugly

PR10 Episode 1 Kooan

There's ugly and then there's fugly. And then there's this. OK, I get it, Kooan. You're weird and the judges want to keep you around to see just how weird you can get. But why did you have to assault my eyes with this? It looks like a mental patient cut the bottom out of a really hideous backpack and decided to wear it as a romper. You know, if they were allowed to have scissors in the mental hospital. I do kind love Kooan's fro though.

Project Runway Scorecard

  • Judge's Bottom 3: Kooan, Beatrice, Lanite
  • Judge's Top 3: Christopher, Melissa, Ven
  • Winner: Christopher
  • Out: Beatrice

I agree with both of the judges' choices here, even though I probably wouldn't have been able to get past Kooan's looks to keep him another week. But Kooan is quirky and that'll keep him around for at least two weeks.

Who do you think should've won and gone home this week?



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