Project Runway 10 Episode 4: Dropping Like Flies

Two contestants drop out of the contest

Project Runway 10 Episode 4: Dropping Like Flies

This week on the Gunnar and Christopher Show, I mean Project Runway, the designers had to create looks for women on the go.

But the drama outshined the challenge this week. As I so facisiously mentioned a second ago, the show loves to put most of the focus on rival designers Gunnar and Christopher. Even if they’re not bickering about 75 percent of all camera time is on one or the other. It’s weird. But this week there was even bigger drama. Two contestants ended up leaving the show before it was all over with.

The episode opened on the news that Andrea got up in the middle of the night and left the hotel the contestants are living in. Tim Gunn tells the designers they’ve reached out to her and she isn’t answering, so he can only assume she’s not dead and that she has removed herself from the game. But it doesn’t stop there.

The designers get their Michael Kors challenge and head off to do their thing, which is design a look for a woman on the go, and then Kooan starts acting weird. OK, he starts acting weirder. Then he tells everyone he has decided to leave to competition as well. What is going on with this season!? Insane. A little later Tim comes into the work room and tells the designers since two people have jumped ship, they’re bring back Raul, who was eliminated last week.

So that’s the drama for this week. Let’s jump on to the three looks from the runway that stood out in both good and bad ways.

The Runway Show

Project Runway Sonjia wins

The Good: Sonjia delivered this conservative, yet sexy number. It’s just right in all the right ways.

Project Runway 10 Episode 4 Buffy

The Bad: Buffy was trying to channel her own style, but this just ended up looking like the frock you wear while getting a haircut. Or a lobster bib for a really messy person.

Project Runway 10 Episode 4 Raul

The Fugly: Raul sure didn’t embrace his return with this look. Yikes. even worse than the ill-fitted-fugo-fabric jacket is the terrible styling. Die outfit die!

Project Runway Scorecard

  • Judges’ Bottom 3: Fabio, Buffy, Raul
  • Judges’ Top 3: Christopher, Sonjia, Dimitry
  • Winner: Sonjia
  • Out: Buffy

I fully agreed with the judges Bottom 3, but would have swapped Dimitry for Gunnar. As for the winner, I totally agree. But the person going home probably should have been Raul again. His look was far worse than Buffy’s.





  • Max Green

    I totally agree that Raul should’ve gone home, even though his outfit wasn’t much better than Buffi’s. I don’t know what business woman they had in mind while designing these disasters, but I wouldn’t be caught dead walking into my office at Dish dressed in either creation! I’m sure Raul is next to go, but I can never tell. I can’t wait to find out though! I wish my boyfriend felt the same way. Luckily, our quarrels for the remote can rest now that we’ve upgraded to the Hopper DVR, which lets us watch or record up to six things. Is it Thursday yet?!