Project Runway: Week 3

Heidi Gives Contestants Surprise Challenge

Project Runway: Week 3

The team challenges continue this week when Heidi shows up to the work room and announces each team  must design her a total of six looks this week. The super model needs two different looks for her upcoming perfume Surprise promotions, one for an ad campaign and the other for a press campaign. Team ‘Keeping It Real’ has done an outstanding job working together, and this week is no different. Coming off a two-week winning streak the team is becoming comfortable in their own design and relying on other members of the team. ‘Dream Team’ on the other hand is struggling, badly. And it’s unfortunate for team members Michelle, Amanda and Joseph because since they are on the losing team their looks are sadly over-looked each week. Now down three team members, it seems like a Survivor merging of teams might be on the horizon (or at least we can hope). Because pretty soon there won’t be a ‘Dream Team,’ just a dream of a team that once was. 

The Project Runway Breakdown: Week 3

The Challenge: To design a look for Heidi as she promotes her new perfume Surprise. Each team must create six looks total, four looks for a print ad piece and two other looks for a press campaign. Two winners are chosen, one from each category, with the promise Heidi will wear the looks to the respective events.

The Inspiration: Heidi gave each designer a box that featured the Surprise perfume, color samples, story boards and a personally signed photography book.

The Budget: $1200 per team with 30 minutes to shop

The Teams:
Dream Team– Benjamin Mach, Michelle Lesniak Franklin, Cindy Marlatt, Amanda Valentine, Tu Suthiwat Nukchat and Matthew Arthur

Keeping It Real– Samantha Black, Richard Hallmarq, Joseph Aaron Segal, Kate Pankoke, Stanley Hudson, Patricia “Water Lilly” Michaels, Layana Aguilar and Daniel Esquivel

Guest Judge: Kristin Davis

PROJECT RUNWAY Season 11 Episode 3

Top 3 Looks (from winning team Keeping it Real): Kate and Layana’s collaboration dress, Daniel’s full length gown and Patricia’s leather textile dress

Bottom 2 Looks (from losing team Dream Team): Pink dress by Cindy and a strappy dress by Benjamin

Honorable Mentions: Patricia’s cool leather work, Michelle’s leather topped dress and Joseph and Amanda’s collaboration dress

The UN-honorable Mentions: Matt’s dog collar dress, Ben’s messy nip-tucked dress and Richard’s black ruffle tragedy

Winning Ad Print Design by Kate and Layana
Kate and Layana winning look

Winning Press Campaign Design by Daniel
Daniel's winning look
Outted Design by Cindy
Cindy's losing look
Critiques of the week:  
This is… where is my whip? – Heidi on Matt’s dog collar mess

I would die if someone asked me to wear that. No offense. – Kristin Davis on the same dress

It’s scary. – Zac Posen on Cindy’s pink atrocity

She looks like she’s been shipwrecked. – Heidi on Ben’s messy look

When she turned there was a ruffle fart. – Zac Posen on Richard’s ruffle surprise

My Project Runway Random Dribble
That ruffle on the back of Richard’s dress was god-awful, but at least he recognized it as the model walked down the runway. I loved loved loved the winning dress by Kate and Layana, but wasn’t a fan of Daniel’s dress at all. His material looked like something that could be found on the clearance rack at Ross. I thought Patricia had it in the bag, and if Heidi’s event happened in the daytime I bet she would have won. I found her dress simply sexy. Benjamin gave a solid story of an artist’s struggle this week, and I hope he can pull it together to create the ultimate redemption story. On another note, what is with his ugly, faded wardrobe? Which brings me to the deer antler Daniel wears around his neck. Don’t all those pointy edges seem dangerous? Tu and Samantha are two contestants that don’t get much coverage, yet seem very interesting. I’m hoping the teams break apart so we can see the designers as individuals. Sure, sure, they are all able to design freely but let’s face it–that’s not what’s happening here. Zac Posen is no Michael Kors but he seems to be doing a good job as a replacement judge. Did anyone think he looked like a modern day Willy Wonka in that red suit? Or what about a modern Kernel Sanders? No? Yes? And finally, farewell Cindy. Don’t worry about what those city folk say. You go get you a boutique in a small town somewhere and use your Project Runway notoriety to ‘make it work,’ just like Tim Gunn says. Can I get an Amen?

What were your favorite and least favorite looks this week?