Project Runway: Week 2

Guest judge Susan Sarandon makes a ballsy statement after the runway show.

Project Runway: Week 2

“Balls Are Our Business” says Susan Sarandon, one of four owners of the infamous New York ping pong social club SPiN. Many people may not have known that Academy Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon was in the ball and bar business, but the 66-year-old started the company with some of her friends back in 2009. Since then the club has had much success and opened in three other locations–Toronto, Milwaukee and Los Angeles. This week, however, Susan has new business to attend and it involves sitting next to fashion icon Heidi Klum. Making her first Project Runway cameo as a guest judge, Susan Sarandon offered the teams a SPiN uniform challenge and then picked her favorite to be worn by the staff. Considering there was only one winner among three needed looks–a male and female server look, and also a male ball boy look–I assume the male employees will not be forced to wear the winning [Spoiler Alert] “utility skort,” especially since the Ball Boy kilt didn’t go over too well. But you never know. Having men wear skorts is certainly one way to make “balls” a “business.”

The Project Runway Breakdown: Week 2

The Challenge: To design uniforms for the employees of SPiN, a ping pong social club owned by Susan Sarandon. The slogan “Balls Are Our Business” must be present in the design, and each team must create a total of 5 looks that include 3 female servers, 1 male server and 1 ball boy.

The Inspiration: The designers were asked to work in the club for a few hours to understand the employees functions. During their time at SPiN they also were allowed to talk to employees and address concerns about practicality and comfort of a desirable uniform.

The Budget: $500 per team with 30 minutes to shop

The Teams (Same as last week minus Emily Pollard):
Dream Team– James Martinez, Benjamin Mach, Michelle Lesniak Franklin, Amanda Valentine, Cindy Marlatt, Tu Suthiwat Nukchat and Matthew Arthur

Keeping It Real– Samantha Black, Richard Hallmarq, Joseph Aaron Segal, Kate Pankoke, Stanley Hudson, Patricia “Water Lilly” Michaels, Layana Aguilar and Daniel Esquivel

Project Runway guest judge Susan SarandonGuest Judge: Susan Sarandon

Top 3 Looks (from winning team Keeping it Real): Female server created by Layana and Daniel; Male server created by Stanley; Ball Boy created by Joseph and Richard

Bottom 2 Looks (from losing team Dream Team): Female server blazer by Cindy and entire male server outfit by James

Honorable Mentions: Ball Boy uniform created by Matt and male server tank top created by Benjamin (I was surprised the judge’s hated the kilt. I thought it clever. It’s a ping pong social club for crying out loud, not Wimbledon. And as for Benji’s tank top I liked the print and texture of the shirt.)

The UN-honorable Mentions: Ball Boy pants created Joseph and Ball Boy shirt created by Richard (So the judges loved this look but I thought the pants would have been cooler if the print covered the entire pattern, like what was shown in Joseph’s original sketch. And as for that tight men’s shirt? No thank you. Could you imagine the weird texture it would have if worn by a hairy-chested individual? Ew.)

Winning Design: by Layana Aguilar
Project Runway Week 2 Winning look

Out-ted Design: by James Martinez
Project Runway Week 2 Losing look

Critiques of the week:

The problem with tank tops are sometimes guys have hairy armpits and when they bring your food–I just don’t want to see that. — Heidi on James male server uniform

My guys wouldn’t wear a skirt, I can tell you that right now. But I think it’s ballsy. — Susan on Matt’s Ball Boy kilt

Project Runway Term of the Week:

whackadoo [whak-a-do]
adj. — a word often used by Michael Kors to express confusion upon not understanding a concept

That top is so whackadoo.

What were your favorite and least favorite looks? And what are your thoughts on the team challenges? Do you think James could have stayed if he hadn’t listened to his team?


  • Rachel Fillamin