Project Runway: Week 5

Country Star Miranda Lambert Finds A New Look

Project Runway: Week 5

After the runway show last week, Heidi and Tim approached the designers with a surprise. There would not be two large teams for the next challenge, but instead six teams of two. Since Samantha won last week she had the opportunity to choose a partner first, and then the rest of the names were picked one by one out of a bag. Each designer called upon had the choice of picking his or her working partner, until finally there was two designers left, Amanda and Benjamin, that joined as one team.

The rest of the show went on as per usual.

The Project Runway Breakdown: Week 5

The Challenge: Each team was asked to design two looks for country star Miranda Lambert, one performance piece and one red carpet look.

The Inspiration: Each team was given a dossier of Miranda’s past looks, as well as told by Tim Gunn to “Think young, fresh and not overly designed… celebrate her curves.”

The Budget: $400 per team with 30 minutes to shop at Mood

The Teams:
Samantha & Daniel
Richard& Stanley
Patricia & Layana
Matt & Michelle
Kate & Tu
Amanda & Benjamin

Guest Judge: Miranda Lambert

Amanda & Benjamin in Miranda Lambert Challenge

Amanda (performance) & Benjamin (red carpet)

Top Looks: Amanda/Benjamin & Richard Stanley
Bottom Looks: Matt/Michelle & Samantha/Daniel
Honorable Mentions: Tu’s edgy performance dress and Kate’s red leather red carpet dress
UN-honorable Mentions: Patricia’s fringe was interesting but bordering on tacky

Winning Look: by Richard
Project Runway Season 11 Miranda Lambert Challenge winner

Out-ted Look: by Matt

Project Runway Season 11 Bottom Looks in Miranda Lambert Challenge

Matt (performance) & Michelle (red carpet)

Critiques of the week:

Look at you Amanda. Last week your bootie was on the line and now you’re on top. — Heidi

If Miranda wore this on the red carpet she probably would get worst dressed. — Heidi on Michelle’s rockin’ red carpet look

It looks like someone’s interpretation on what they think a country star should wear. — Miranda on Daniel’s leather top and shredded skirt

It looks inexpensive. It looks like a cross between a table cloth and a napkin… I’m so surprised you even presented this. — Nina on Daniel’s look

You just got officially yelled at by Nina. — Heidi in response to Nina’s above critique

I’d wear your outfit before I wore the outfit you made for me. — Miranda on Samantha’s black minimalist performance look

Project Runway Term of the week:

Soutache: a narrow braid used as decorative trim (also a technique that almost got Daniel evicted this week)

My Random PR Dribble
So this season of Project Runway has been exceptionally good thus far, and the designers are really stepping up their game! The only look I thought was sub par was Patricia’s over use of the fringe but still I can appreciate its uniqueness. And while Matt and Samantha got slammed for their simple, black performance pieces, the looks weren’t terrible like other train wrecks from past seasons. They just needed more sparkle for the stage. And while Heidi might have thought Daniel’s dress would rank worst dressed on the runway, but I thought it was at least interesting (minus the front skirt split, ew). While I would never wear red or leather, never-the-less the combination of both, I was surprised to see that the creations of Kate and Tu didn’t make into the top looks. I thought for sure Miranda would eat up that red, leather dress. Maybe it appeared too much like a red carpet for a red carpet event? Who knows. Did anyone pay attention to what judges Zac Posen and Nina Garcia was wearing? A turtle neck and a broach? And that was what Zac was wearing. Nina wore a shirt that had jewels printed on it or something colorful. It seemed a little young for a woman that prides herself on being classy.

Next week the designers must create looks for regular, every day women, which is sure to cause drama and frustration at the work station. I haven’t fully committed to a winning designer yet, but my front runners are Samantha, Stanley and Richard. What designer are you rooting for?