Who Is Going To The Finale?

Which of the final four — Christopher, Dmitry, Melissa, Fabio — will compete?

Who Is Going To The Finale?

This week Tim Gunn made his home visits to the Project Runway 10 final four as they were preparing their collections to return and find out which three of them would compete in next week’s finale.

It all came down between Christopher, Dmitry, Melissa and Fabio. So which three are moving on? The judges pulled their favorite trick out of the hat and decided to send all four of them to the finale. They just couldn’t make a decision on which person they could cut. Let’s take a closer look at the final three.

Christopher. He has four wins under his belt and is in third place in the fan-favorite race right now. His odds of winning are very, very high. In fact, I predict he is this season’s winner. That is if he takes the extra time they got to refine his collection. From what we saw so far, it’s not as exciting as you’d expect.

Dmitry. Even though he only has two wins under his belt, I’m not surprised he has gotten this far. I’ve liked most of his designs and I think he would be the person to win it if Christopher chokes.

Fabio. With only one win and a lot of close calls, I’m still surprised he’s in this spot and not Sonjia. I’m still not sure how this all happened. I think a Fabio win would be a longshot. But what I’ve seen of his collection wasn’t bad. Maybe he’ll surprise me.

Melissa. She’s kind of stayed in the middle of the pack the entire game. She’s got one win going for her. From what we saw of her final collection though, it doesn’t seem to be strong enough to pull off a win. But stranger things can happen.

So one of the four will walk away with the season 10 title. Who are you rooting for?


  • TruthTeller

    My top three picks from the beginning were Christopher, Sonjia and Melissa. I too think Christopher will win it. I really like Christopher as a designer and as a person. He is very talented with lots of great ideas and the actual skills to follow through. Plus, he has a very pleasant, easy-going yet expressive and interesting type of personality which makes me wish I was his friend and colleague.

  • Jess

    I do not see Fabio or Melissa as the winner of “Project Runway,” they are both lucky, and played it safe the whole season. I’m cheering for Dmitry to take the win, and if he does I hope he asks Elena to marry him. I will miss part two of the finale because of my new work schedule at DISH. I am still upset no one was eliminated, but it gives everyone something to talk about. My Hopper is set to record the second part of the finale, and with all the DVR recording space I’m set to record “Project Runway: All stars” when it premieres.

  • Lazyfan

    I’m shocked the judges didn’t just toughen up and get rid of Fabio. He has no reason to be there, and certainly not over Sonjia.

    Melissa is middle of the road. She’s good, but not good enough to win.

    I agree with what you said about Dimitry. He’s either second, or first if Chris absolutely chokes.

    That said, there is little doubt in my mind that Chris will win. The judges love him and he has gotten a golden edit. Personally? I would choose Dimitry, but Chris is gonna get the win, I think.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Wally-M-Abs/100001437654591 Wally M Abs

    I agree with some points and disagree with other . Yes , you’re 100% right about Sonjia , I really thought she would be in the finale , if not even winning . I’m still shocked that she was “Outed”.
    Because they don’t show the collection , you never really know . Last year Anya showed a dress in the “Pre-Finale” that never got to the Fashion Week , so what the contestants show 2 nights ago is not necessarily going to be in the finale . I also have a feeling that they don’t chose the garments on the Part1 episode .

    The thing about not being able to chose only 3 , this is getting quite old , very old actually . They have been doing a 4 contestant finales since season 3 . I think they should drop it already .

    One thing I disagree with you about is what you say about Fabio . His designs are very weird and unique , but very wearable and elegant . After 10 years of watching this show I think that what the judges are looking for …

  • Whatevsss

    Fabio is going to win, second to Dmitry. Chri’s collection is boring, he is third. And about melissa, she was good, but elena and Sonjia were so much better. After seeing the final eight collections, Sonjia’s collection was just weird, boring, and out of place. Elena’s was astonoshing, probably would have won if she would have made it to the finale. I know no one wanted/believed Fabio could have chances for winning. Personally, I also believed that Fabio was just there flying and deserved to go home instead of Sonjia (because she was may favorite). However, after seeing his collection and what he was able to accomplish, i think he is the clear winner. Or at least, between Dmitry and Fabio, but Dmitry made a horrible closing up dress.

    The perfect final three would have been Fabio, Dmitry, and Elena