Push Girls Episode 10: It’s a cat fight!

Chelsie VS. Auti on the dance floor

Push Girls Episode 10: It’s a cat fight!

YES! Chelsie’s back for this week’s episode of Push Girls and I couldn’t be anymore excited, especially since it’s gotten Auti “Awful” Angel’s panties in a wad. Why? The forty-two-year-old diva feels threatened by the better, younger, prettier dancer that is stealing her show (both on the dance stage and television). Frankly, she should feel threatened by Chelsie because she is a million times better than her. That’s right, I said it. Chelsie is one million times better than Auti. And now that the young woman is gaining confidence about her disability and standing up to Auti the control freak, with out a doubt it’s a cat fight and it’s so awesome to be on the other side of the TV watching it all go down. Kudos Sundance! We’re getting past playing the disability card and moving towards the heart of all good reality TV—jealousy, anger, misunderstandings and insecurities. Hip hip hooray! Let get straight to it:

This week, Chelsie comes to stay the weekend at Angela and Tiphany’s house. In the kitchen, the girls get into a cake fight and it’s announced Tiphany and Chelsie are becoming like sisters. Like any big sister would, Tiphany decides to take Chelsie out for a round of putt-putt golf in an attempt to show her she can do more things on her own, you know, teach her a lesson. Which ultimately sounds like a cute idea, except for we (the audience) is stuck at home cringing as we watch the girls nearly fall out of their chairs trying to climb steps and maneuver in places not built for wheelchairs. The only accessibly putt-putt course I’ve ever been to is at Disney, but even then it was too hot for my liking so I relate with Chelsie when the bit ends and she says, “It felt good to accomplish something… but I don’t think I ever want to do that again.”

At lunch and right after the round of golf, Chelsie asks Tiphany if she’s ever golfed standing up. Tiphany says she has and suddenly Chelsie is getting choked up, and crying at the table. The realization of her injury seems to be settling in now that she’s approaching two years post the car accident. She explains to Tiphany that she’s worried about not receiving people’s sympathy the further into her injury she gets. “I don’t want people to be like, ‘OH. You’re okay now,’ just because it’s been two years,” she says while Tiphany listens and becomes emotional herself. Trying to change the subject she asks Chelsie if she went to prom in her wheelchair.  “I was Prom Queen,” the nineteen-year-old says beaming. “But because everyone felt sorry for me,” she adds, which is exactly the kind of commentary that makes Chelsie the leading and most interesting character on the show. She is not trying to be interesting; she just is.

Unlike old, beat-up Auti, who is in the recording studio with her husband Eric, trying to wrap up a long over-due record (that will never go anywhere). When Eric loses the lyrics he prepared, Auti demands he free styles on the track. But Eric doesn’t want to, so the two spat back and forth and we get a glimpse into what I imagine their marriage is like when off camera—and for the record, it’s not that pleasant.

According to Auti the word is out about her hip-hop dance wheelchair team Colours in Motion, which she claims to be the first ever of its kind (although I think there are many wheelchair dance teams in Europe). Regardless, the girls are about to perform in front of an audience when Chelsie mentions she brought her able-bodied dance team coach Sammie to join them on stage, not to steal their thunder but to showcase some other dance styles besides wheelchair dancing. Immediately, awful Auti scours her face and tells Chelsie she’s upset because she didn’t bother to ask permission from her first. Except she did ask for permission… from Mia, who now is cowering in her wheelchair since Chelsie outed her. Auti eventually succumbs to allowing Sammie perform, but only because she has no other choice. And as soon as he gets on the floor and the music begins, she takes the opportunity to make grunting noises into the microphone (which I think she labels as beat boxing). As he dances, she continues to plug herself and make weird noises and even has the balls to admit later to the camera, “I had to do something so everyone knew it was not able-bodied dance day.” It’s during this scene that I realize I have been wrong about Auti all along and wrong about her not deserving to be on the show. She is the delusional lunatic that every reality TV show needs. And finally, I realize, Push Girls may just make it to a second season yet.

Cut to Auti and Eric fighting in the car over his procrastination. Eric tries to man up and defend his actions in the studio the other day, but then falls short, gives up and makes amends by saying the cheesiest line ever recorded on reality TV. “You married a Diva,” Auti says, referring to herself. “No,” he begins. “I married an angel.” Get it? Angel ironically is her last name. How clever. Puke.

In a room across town, Chelsie tells Mia she’s really not that happy being on Auti’s dance team, and also that she’s tired of doing the same routine over and over. She threatens to step down if something doesn’t change soon, and Mia agrees to step down too but… only if Chelsie does it first. What a scaredy cat.

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Since Auti hasn’t heard from Chelsie since their rift on the dance floor, she senses something is up and calls for impromptu hip-hop dance practice.  Both Chelsie and Mia look bored to tears during practice, yawning and not paying attention, behavior The Diva finds unacceptable. Hating not being the center of attention, Auti sadly displays her jealousy of Chelsie for all to see and says, “A 19-year-old body verses a 42-year-old body… I’m not doing so bad.” As hubris would have it, it’s right after this line that she is pulled to the ground by Chelsie while performing a stunt. Only Chelsie didn’t pull Auti out of her wheelchair, it’s just an idea her warped mind created because she’s crazy.  To her credit, Auti climbs back into her chair with class, and then finally asks Chelsie the right question: Is there anything I have done that rubs you the wrong way?

It’s clear Chelsie doesn’t know where to begin on Auti’s long list of wrong-doings, so she sits there frozen for a minute. But what else do you do when someone is making this face at you?

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Chelsie decides to stay clear of Auti’s personal flaws and concentrates on commenting about the dance team by suggesting a new routine and regimented practice schedule. Auti pretends to listen but we all know she’s not hearing any of what Chelsie’s saying. She agrees to make one dance-move change for the upcoming performance, and it’s not cutting it for Chelsie. And so it seems Colours in Motion is on rocky territory. What is Chelsie gonna do? Is she gonna keep dancing or quit? I’m on the edge of my seat. But wait a second… whatever happened with Josh? There’s only two episodes of Push Girls left this season and one thing is clear: WE NEED MORE CHELSIE SUNDANCE.


  • Rbandrea8

    Ok we get it,your a Chelsie fan. That doesn’t mean you have to bash everyone else. Chelsie should be happy that she has Autie and the girls on her side, or she would probably be even more miserable and annoying as he already is. Chelsie seems like a spoiled selfish brat. I feel bad that shes disabled but she complains too much over petty stuff.