Push Girls: Coming Down the Mountain

The ladies head to Big Bear for some skiing

Push Girls: Coming Down the Mountain

Thanks to the arrival of the 2012 Summer Olympics, sports have taken over television programming this week… even the Push Girls are sportin’ it up when they decide to head to big Bear, California for a weekend on the slopes. But the question looming in everyone’s mind at home is: Can wheelchair people ski? After watching these girls push their way through Hollywood for an entire season now, you should know the answer to these kinds of questions are always YES. Wheelchair people can do just about every thing an able-bodied person can do; they just may have a different way of going about it. So this episode we watch and learn as Auti, Angela, Chelsie, Tiphany and Mia all pack up and head out to the mountain for a weekend of snow-skiing and “flying” down the mountain on a mono-ski.

First, however, they must all pack their gear and wheelchairs into two vehicles. So this week’s episode begins with the girls meeting at Angela and Tiphany’s to prepare for take-off. We learn Angela and Cody, the 24-year-old she met at a party, have spent nearly every day together since we witnessed their budding romance two episodes ago. In separate camera interviews, Cody admits that he feels like dating Angela has turned him “into a man,” while Angela describes herself as a “Cougar Kitty” for dating someone thirteen years her junior. To me, it seems like their relationship is a lot J-LO’s and that young guy: unnecessary but fun. But who am I to judge as long as both parties are happy? After all, he is helpful. And since someone needs to take care of Angela over the weekend, he becomes the only man invited on the trip (and probably the only man brave enough to weather any kind of girls weekend).

Angela is placed in the front seat next to her new man (who is driving), while Auti and Mia ride in the back of her van. In the other car, Tiphany’s Mustang, Tiphany drives Chelsie and encourages her to flirt with boys out the window. Once arriving in Big Bear, the girls learn the cabin is not as accessible as they had hoped. There are stairs, steps and small spaces to maneuver around and all the extra aiding has Cody wiped out and taking a nap on the couch.

Over wine and crackers, the girls decide to go out that night to what appears to be a country bar. Tiphany gives her three-step dating advice: 1. Must keep head up. 2. Make eye contact, and lower head slightly. 3. Captivate your prey and move in for the kill. Her confidence and the confidence of the other girls, makes young Chelsie more comfortable approaching a group of cute boys. She even scores a number and phone call from one the next morning.

Dressing for cold weather is no easy task when in a wheelchair, and so everyone is complaining about layering up for the snow. Once outside, the girls seem to enjoy the cold weather more and prepare for their first snow-ski lesson. Before taking to the slope, Mia explains that a mono-ski takes a lot of upper body strength, and that the simple motion of turning the head from side to side is what helps turn the ski. I also know from personal experience, the two hand held skis are key to turning and controlling the speed of the mono-ski. And finally, the moment has arrived for everyone to load up on the chair lift.

All in all, the girls succeed in downhill snow skiing. Angela describes it as amazing and freeing. Chelsie does an awful lot of whining and crying about the steepness of the hill, but ultimately admits to enjoying the thrill. Tiphany thinks she better at flirting than skiing. Mia loves the challenge. And Auti appreciates the freedom it gives her as she “flys” down the mountain.  What about Cody, poor Cody? We never have the opportunity to see him ski but he seems happy to be taking care of his lady, and all her lady friends. And so as the day of skiing ends and the girls sit around drinking hot chocolate, they decide he passes the test and is good enough to date Angela.  What a lucky guy.

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  • Rbandrea8

    Finally your not being so biased and bitter.

  • Rory Tufts

    Jana, I would read the back of the frozen waffle boxes if you wrote it. You are so entertaining. Love it. Thank you for writing. – Rory Tufts from Orlando!